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Effective Penile enhancement treatment

Dr Rana’s Effective Penile Enhancement Treatment

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  1. Know Your Penis – Some FAQs
  2. Facts and Figures about the Penile Size and Intercourse
  3. Penis size and Vaginal Intercourse
  4. Anatomy of the Female Sex Organ
  5. Factors that affect Penis Shrinkage?
  6. What’s Effective Penile Enhancement Treatment?

Is Penile Enhancement Treatment Effective?

Penile enhancement treatment is very effective for bringing back the lost vigour and size of penis. Ayurvedic medicine for increasing penis size by Dr Rana’s Medical Hall is the best natural way of increasing penis size. You can talk to our doctors regarding the doubts you have, about penis size. Worry not! you are at right place for your Male enhancement. We can Contact us for a direct consultation or Tele Medicine Online Consultation for knowing more about our Treatments , Hijama and Course Duration. Order Medicine will be delivered worldwide.


Internet is flooding with questions, confusions and concerns regarding the size of the penis.

  1. How to grow a penis?
  2. Is it possible to increase girth size fast?
  3. How to make the penis thicker and longer?

Questions never end!

‘”Penis Size Increasing Pills and Products'” – Today’s Hot Selling business are tapping the deadliest misconception in the minds of today’s youth about their penile size.

However, obsession for big and fat penis ends up in trying many unscientific endless useless options like creams, pills, exercises, surgery etc and what not! Youth are the main victims of this bad deal, But does enlargement of penis really work?

Let’s see some facts and figures regarding the Male Sex Organ.

Know Your Penis – Some FAQs

When does your Penis start growing?

Penis starts growing during puberty. There can be many visible changes in a boy’s body during puberty. Likewise, his sexual organs also mature. During puberty, the testes increase testosterone production as a result, Penis size increases, testicles begin to grow larger and facial and pubic hair begins to emerge. Usually, puberty happens between the ages of 11 and 18. However,  It differs from person to person.

When will Your Penis Stop Growing?

There is an Age limit for penis growth. By the end of puberty, your Penis will be develops fully. Age for complete development varies from person to person. Indeed, Penis size can grow until the age of 21.

Circumcised Penis v/s Uncircumcised Penis

A penis can be circumcised or uncircumcised. In a normal or uncircumcised human Penis, The glans penis or sometimes called as the glans or head of the penis or tip of the penis is completely or partially covered by the foreskin. Circumcision is nothing but the removal of this skin. Circumcised Penis is easy for cleaning and maintaining. Circumcisions help to keep penis healthy, clean and to Stay away from many Sexually Transmitted Infections (100% effective Venereal disease treatment) (STI).

Why is my penis smelly and sore?

Penis skin care and health need utmost importance for a healthy sexual life. Unhealthy practices cause unwanted dirt deposit, bacterial infections and fungal infections. Obviously, the unclean penis will be smelly.
Similarly, due to Sexually Transmitted Infections,(STI), foul-smelling abnormal penile discharge, UTI  etc can be the primary reasons. Likewise, Balanitis, which is an inflammation of the base or head of the penis can also make penis smelly and itchy. These all can make burning or itching sensation, irritation and redness on the penis. If these foul smell and irritation persist, consult a sexologist soon.

How big is the average penis?

Size of Penis varies from person to person.  Average penis size of an Indian male can be around 5 inches to 6.5 inches. Almost all male penis comes under this range. But almost all men worry about their penis length or girth at some point in their life.

What’s Micropenis?

A male organ, which is too small than normal penis, having less than 0.75 inches length is a micropenis. A man with micropenis finds it difficult for sexual intercourse.

Why is my flaccid size so small?

Determining the size of a penis in the flaccid state is diffficult. Because flaccid size varies depending on the mood, climate, mental state etc of that person. For instance, while swimming, it may be too small than your normal flaccid state size. Flaccid size of the penis is not a perfect factor for determining the size at Erected state as well. In short, There is no point in worrying about your small flaccid Penis.

Do tall guys have Bigger and Thicker Penis?

Penis size differs from one another. In fact, some men have big penises while some posses smaller ones. There’s a misconception that tall guys have a bigger and harder penis. However, there is no correlation between the size of the penis and one’s height, fingers, size of feet etc. Moreover, Penis size is not a major factor in determining a man’s virility.

Why men are so much concerned about their Penis size?

The over studded porn sites and penis enlargement advertisements flare up the imagination of the youth thus bringing delinquency, thereby evoking an inferiority complex which is more than enough to destroy the machoism and the marital life itself.

Is my Penis too small?

Comparing one’s penile size with others and the illusionary pictures and clippings in the porn movie sites create devastation in the psyche of the males. Moreover, the bullying from friends related to his penis size or sometimes the negative comments from the partner itself can affect his mental state very badly.

Is it normal to have a curved penis?

A curved penis is not an issue up to some extent. When the Penis attains erected, it curves slightly to the left or right. But if it’s creating a mess, pain or difficulty in erection or sex, consult a sexologist at the earliest.

Is my penis the right size and shape?


Some men think that his ‘small size’ and shape are the reason for the repeated failures that are happening while trying some new sex position. While trying for a self-check, some angle may be deceiving. For instance, if a person is looking ‘his’ from the top, it may look smaller than the actual size. Thus many simple to complex things stick in their mind and brain, ending up in lower self-esteem and confidence. If you have serious doubts about your size you can consult Best Sexologist Doctors in Kerala and make clear all your worries.

Small – Penis Syndrome

Many men underestimate the size of his penis and are much tensed about it thinking that they’re unable to satisfy their partner with this ‘small size’. But the real thing is that almost all have above average size and they worry for NO reason. This unpleasant or unwanted anxiety can affect a person’s mental state and cause low self-esteem and depression. Even normal-size men fear that their penis is too small and weak. This anxiety or unnecessary suffering is small-penis syndrome. Don’t let these confusions grow our Sexologist are available for Tele Medicine Online Consultation.

Facts and Figures about the Penile Size and Intercourse

Penis, the male reproductive organ has two states. Flaccid penis and Erected Penis

Flaccid state: Its the unerected state or the normal state of Penis

What’s Erection?

When a man gets sexually arousal or stimulation, blood flows into the penis and it becomes hard, long and rigid and ready for sexual intercourse. This Erected state of Penis is Erection.

What’s Ejaculation?

When a normal sexually healthy man gets arousal, his penis gets an erection and is ready for sexual intercourse. When he and his partner gets sexually satisfaction, ejaculation happens and attains orgasm. During ejaculation, semen expels from his penis.

What is Premature Ejaculation (PE)?

Premature Ejaculation is a sexual problem in men, where he’s unable to control his ejaculation and as a result, sexual intercourse ceases at a very early stage, without satisfying both partners. Psychological impacts can be the reason. However, In some cases, physical conditions can also play a part. PE seems to be simple at the beginning but without best and effective treatment for Premature Ejaculation, it’ll definitely turn to a complex issue.

What’s Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to attain or maintain a quality erection during Sexual Intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction curable and affordable treatment cures ED permanently.

What is Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD / STI) or Venereal Diseases (VD)?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases transmitted by unprotected sexual contacts, create dangerous complications in one’s life.

Common STDs are

  1. Gonorrhoea
  2. Chlamydia
  3. Syphilis
  4. Genital Herpes etc.

Taking safety precautions like using condoms or avoiding sex with unknown people etc can save you from contracting STDs. However, the number of STD cases are rapidly increasing. The 100% effective Venereal disease treatment can save you from this.

Penis size and Vaginal Intercourse

If sex being the hot topic of the millions, the size of the penis becomes the centre of concern for them. Most people are under the strong conviction that penile size is the sole basis of a spicy sexual life. They believe that it is the size of the penis that primarily matters and catches the appreciation of the partner which prolongs to a blissful sexual life. Even though Penis size is a major concern for many, the actual fact is that it doesn’t matter much for getting sensual pleasure while doing intercourse.

Penile size is not a matter for sensual pleasure, why?

To understand reality, you need to know some basic facts about female sex organs.

Anatomy of the Female Sex Organ.

The vulva, which is the external part of the female genitalia is the main sexual pleasure zone of woman. Vulva protects a woman’s sexual organs,  vestibule, vagina and urinary opening,

Parts of Vulva are the inner and outer labia, the clitoris, clitoral hood, vagina and opening to the urethra.

The vulva has 2 folds of skin.
The outer folds or ‘lips’ are called the labia majora.
The inner folds or ‘lips’ are called the labia minora.

What’s Clitoris?, Know these facts

The clitoris is the most erogenous zone. The clitoris is a small pink organ that lies underneath the clitoral hood. Only a small part of the clitoris is visible outside it extends into the vagina. The length of the whole clitoris is around three to four inches long. Thus the most sensitive area of the vagina is present at the entrance itself.

This is because this area, which is called the anterior wall of the vagina contains the Majority of the vaginal nerve endings. There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, which is double the number of those in a penis.

This nerve-rich part is responsible for sensing the sexual pleasure. These are the most sensual part of the whole vagina and far more sensitive than the innermost vaginal part.

Does Penis size matter in sex?

Concentrations of the nerve endings in vulva last to 3 to 4 inches and when this erogenic part is stimulated, women get immense sensual pleasure and attains orgasm. For this reason, even a 4inched penis is enough to stimulate her sexual pleasure areas and make her satisfied through intercourse.

If not size, what are the factors that influence sexual pleasure?

There are many other factors that you should consider before size. It’s nothing but the quality of your erection and ejaculation, stamina, desire for sex, intimacy, companionship and Overall SEXUAL Health. For instance, if you are 6.5 inched men but fails to control your early ejaculation issues, then, is there a chance for your woman to get SEXUAL satisfaction through Vaginal Intercourse?. Nevertheless, you have to get treated by the best ayurvedic medicine for Premature Ejaculation.

Did you know your penis can SHRINK?

There are strategically many relevant points that can be attributed as reasons which impede the proper functioning of the penis.

What are the factors that adversely affect penis size and Penis health?

Many factors negatively influence the Penis size, shape and health of the penis and cause shrinkage of the penis.

Penis shrinkage can happen due to:

  1. Over addiction to masturbation
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Peyronie’s disease
  4. Age
  5. Obesity
  6. Prostate surgery

Masturbation side effects

From a very tender age, males have a prone tendency to masturbate. Though masturbation cannot be set aside completely, there are some proven clinical impacts on sexual life, if they are addicted to masturbation. The wrong methods of masturbation like stroking very hard causes micro-injury to the penile musculature and penile vascular system which result in the shrinkage and reduction in the length and girth of the penis from the actual normal size. Get rid of this masturbation addiction ASAP to save your penis from further damages. You can very well consult our Sexologist for any assistance regarding masturbation side effects and treatment 

Erectile Dysfunction and penis size

Another factor which is very much pertinent to this is the long time presence of erectile dysfunction. Here also due to ED, blood flow to the penile reduces resulting in its shrinkage and reduction of size. Some men try vacuum pumps for Erectile Dysfunction, but unfortunately, it is not the cure of ED. Best Erectile Dysfunction curable and affordable treatment helps to regain your penis size by treating your erection issues permanently.

Peyronie’s disease (Penile Curvature)

Peyronie’s disease is a  condition of the penis resulted from fibrous scar tissue that develops on the penis. Peyronie’s disease causes a significant bend or pain in the penis and results in curved, painful erections. Penises vary in shape and size, A curved penis is not a problem as such. But Peyronie’s diseases cause extreme penis curvature and pain in the penis and as a result, sex becomes difficult or impossible. Our Sexologist can help to manage your complications regarding Peyronie’s disease. It also causes erection issues (Erectile Dysfunction) and shortening of length and girth of the penis.

How Ageing affects Penis size? How Effective is Penile Enhancement Treatment?

There can be shrinkage in penis and testicles size as you age. Obviously, as you get older, cells are also ageing like any other part of the body. Blood flow to the penis will be lower than before because of low blood flow in the arteries due to fatty deposits. This low blood flow will affect the cells of the penis that helps the erection of the penis and thus Penis become weak and slightly small.

As you get older, indeed, erection power can also be affected due to low blood flow in the penis and may result in poor erection power.

Ageing can affect the size, shape, vigour and vim but that doesn’t mean that your sexual life ends forever. Even an 80-year-old man get hard and at any age, a man never stops ejaculating. If you find any difficulty in erection, ejaculation, size or any sexual worries, do consult our Best Sexologist Doctors in Kerala for your betterment in sexuality.

Prostate related issues are yet another vital issue faced by aged people and in course of time, it affects their size as well. Our effective prostate enlargement treatment can be a good option.

How Obesity affects penis size?

A man who’s Obese or a man with much lower abdominal fat finds his penis small than before. In fact, this happens because fat starts to cover the shaft of the penis to make it look shorter. Buried Penis or hidden penis happens when a good portion of the penis is buried or hidden in the pubic fat pad.

Can I get my penis enlarged?

A concern of many! But unfortunately, There’s NO scientific evidence to prove the efficiency of penile enlargement treatment.

What is penile enlargement?

Any technique that is meant to increase the size of a human penis is called Penis enlargement, or male enhancement. It aims to increase the total length of the shaft’s girth or even the size of glans itself. Wide variety of options like Penis pump, pills and lotions, penis extenders, jelqing and penis surgery are available. But any of these pills and products are not scientifically proven. Rather it only worsens the present condition. All these unnatural methods are dangerous to your sexual well-being. It’ll DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD.

What’s Effective Penile enhancement treatment?

By our traditional Unani combination of herbs, the blood flow to the penis is corrected and the penile muscular nourishment is enhanced. This, in turn, rectifies the tissue damage, thereby treats the reduction of the length and girth of the penis. When the course of medication is completed, the normal penile size will be attained with more powerful erection, good tissue nourishment and good muscle girth making it ‘BIGGER & STRONGER’.

Counselling to treat Penis Small – Size Syndrome along with our Effective Penile Enhancement Treatment?

Penis size issue can cause hiccups in sexual life. It affects a person’s psychological balance, sexual life and social well-being. For instance, The erectile dysfunction led shrinkage of the penis causes a troublesome inferiority complex in the minds of the males. When the partner points out the satisfaction drop during the intercourse, the male with erectile dysfunction relates it with his penile size problem. This inferiority complex, as we know, cannot be cleared by medication alone. For this, a due and genuine medical counselling with a relatively high know-how person is compulsory.

Dr Rana’s Effective Penile Enhancement Treatment

We, at Dr Rana’s Medical Hall, give compendious and judicious counselling to such patients which resulted in the complete recovery from these types of mental fervour. Our Effective Penile Enhancement Treatment helps to regain the lost size and vigour which happened due to unavoidable and unexpected reasons. Indeed, our Treatment helps to make your penis thicker and longer naturally and permanently.”

Disclaimer: All the (Effective Penile enhancement treatment) and medications at Dr Rana’s Medical Hall (RMH) are strictly based on Unani & Ayurveda systems of medicine. Our observations MAY OR MAY NOT contradict other systems of medicines. We do not endorse any sort of issues arising from this.

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