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Course duration of Drugs for Weakness of Man in bed

Drugs for Weakness of man in bed
Sex doctor: Dr Rana’s Medical Hal

Dr Rana’s Medical Hall, prepares pure Unani Ayurveda medicines extracted from medical herbs which are the best drugs for Weakness of man in bed, grown in our own herbal gardens.

  • We scientifically process and technically perfect these extracts. Indeed, these herbal medicines are safe, effective and free from all harmful side effects.
  • The clinic does not use any herbs, ingredients or extracts in our medicines banned or prohibited by the Department of Health, Govt of India. Our medicines no way imbalance the immune system rather they revitalize it to the fullest limit.
  • For 99% of sexual disorders, a modularized way of treatment is envisaged by Dr Rana’s Medical Hall.
  • As per the system, each course of treatment is a module consisting of 30-60-120 days of medication depending upon age, gender, nature of the disease, occupation, lifestyle genetic disposition and body change characteristics.
  • The disease is cured of the root without disturbing the immune mechanism of the body by carefully giving processed and procured herbal drugs.
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Sexual Disorder Treatments & Herbal drugs for Weakness of man in bed

Erectile Dysfunction

Are you a man who repeatedly gets loosing the ‘charge’ at the very start of intimacy? Come, visit RMH… We have the remedy and solution, strictly based on 100% safe & natural Unani-Ayurveda System.


Premature Ejaculation

Does your ‘Volcano’ erupt way ahead of your culmination…? RMH is at your rescue with 100% Herbal & effective Unani medicine.

Penile Enhancement treatment

Penile Enhancement

Know the facts & myths about Penile Size and Enhancement from our qualified doctors who can help you with counselling & 100% effective, safe and Herbal Unani treatment.

Our Specialty Treatments :

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Male / Female Infertility

Marraiges are made in heaven.Infertility is never a curse. Together, with 100% effective, Herbal Unani treatment let us find the way to Cradle your Dreams…

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Venereal Diseases

At RMH, with 100% Herbal, safe & proven Unani treatment… the venomous VD stands wiped out….



The killer disease is FRAMED by RMH, with our proven, 100% herbal Unani medicine.Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

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Get it ‘withered’ at the budding stage!!!… RMH helps you to get rid of this by our 100% Herbal, effective & proven Unani treatment.

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Genital Herpes, often simply called as Herpes . RMH holds a track record of 65% satisfied* & cured clients from the dreadful herpes with the aid of 100% Herbal, pure Unani secret medicine.

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Hijama comes from the root word al-hajm.Hijama is the complete cure therapy for every existing ailment, as derived from the prophetic verse. Humbly we say, our doctors are blessed to provide you that divine treatment.

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Prostate Enlargement

Males, leave the tensions of surgery and medical side effects…RMH has a keen treatment line up towards this based on effective, safe Unani Herbal formulae.

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RMH has the perfect, natural, safe and effective Unani medicines for ladies with Leucorrhoea (White Discharge) No more tensions… Stay active… Stay gorgeous forever.

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Nocturnal Emissions

Awake!!!! ….no more ‘WET’ dreams..Wet dreams are quite natural when it happens once or twice in a month. On the other hand it needs medical attention.

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Why Dr Rana’s?

60 years of Legacy – Dr Rana’s Since 1960
Authentic & Effective HERBAL Remedy for Men’s SEXUAL disorders
Experienced & Trusted Sexologist Doctors
Body – Mind approach for Sexual Healing
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Indeed, Dr Rana’s Medical Hall offers the best and safe treatment for all your sexual worries. Along with sexual medicines, we also provide counselling, tips and advices to couples who struggle with sexual problems.

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