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Condoms are the only form of protection that can both help to stop the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV and prevent pregnancy.

Wearing a condom has double advantage
Using a condom while having sex protects you from becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. At the same time it also prevents unwanted pregnancy.
Selecting the right condom
There are several types of condoms available in the market that you can choose from
Most condoms are made of either latex or polyurethane. Latex condoms are more effective in terms of providing protection as chances of tear or leak are less. However, latex condoms will easily tear if an oil-based lubricant is used. Some people may also be allergic to latex.
Polyurethane condoms are thinner, which may give some users better sensation and pleasure.
Some condoms contain a spermicidal chemical called Nonoxynol 9. Till recently it was thought that adding it would provide better protection against pregnancy and the transmission of HIV and other STDs, but recent studies have shown no added advantage.
Size of the condom should generally not be a concern as most condoms fit most men. The definition of regular, large, and extra-large is not consistent across brands. It may be a good idea to try a few products to figure out what works the best for you. The basic idea is that it should not be so tight that it pinches or so loose that it slips off.
How to use a condom?

  • Check the expiry date on the condom packet. Do not use the condom if the expiry date has passed.
  • Tear open the condom package carefully. Do not use scissors or your teeth to open the package as you may damage the condom in the process.
  • Remove the condom from the package, but do not unroll it right away. It is tough to put on an unrolled condom and it also makes it more likely to tear.
  • See if the condom has a reservoir tip. If it does not, pinch the tip of the condom to leave a half inch space for semen to collect.
  • Now place the rolled condom over the tip of the erect penis. Uncircumsied men should pull back the foreskin before rolling down the condom.
  • Gently unroll the condom over the penis with the other hand all the way down to the base. Smooth out air bubbles as they can cause the condom to break.
  • You may apply some water-based lubricants such as KY-Jellly or Durex Play on the outer surface of the condom for extra lubrication. This is helpful if you or your partner are having intercourse for the first time. Do not use oil-based lubricants such as vaseline, cold creams and lotions because these can cause the condom to tear

Proper Usage Entails

  • Not putting the condom on too tight at the end, and leaving about 1.5 cm (3/4 inch) room at the tip for ejaculation. Putting the condom on too snug can and often does lead to failure.
  • Wearing a condom too loose can defeat the barrier.
  • Avoiding condoms made of substances other than latex or polyurethane, as they don’t protect against HIV.
  • Avoiding the use of oil based lubricants (or anything with oil in it) with latex condoms, as oil can eat holes into them.
  • Using flavored condoms for oral sex only, as the sugar in the flavoring can lead to yeast infections if used to penetrate.
  • Withdrawing the penis soon after ejaculation while the condom is still firmly in place and removing the condom only when you have completely withdrawn from your partner.
  • Using a new condom every time you have sexual intercourse. Never use the same condom twice, whether or not you have ejaculated into it.

Many men and women feel anxious about having sex during periods because we have been culturally conditioned to believe that menstruation is something dirty. There are also many misconceptions about the medical aspects of sex during periods. Medically, it is normal to have sex during periods. The safe sex practices required to avoid pregnancy and STDs when a woman is not menstruating should also be used during periods.

1. Can sex during periods result in pregnancy?Chances of pregnancy during periods are minimal. However, if you strictly want to avoid pregnancy it is advisable to use an adequate birth-control method each time you have intercourse, including during periods. Though the chances of pregnancy during periods are very low, they are not entirely absent because the sperm can survive in the body for a few days and there is a small chance that an early ovulation will cause pregnancy.2. Will contact with menstrual blood cause sexually-transmitted diseases (STD)?Menstrual blood is nothing but normal human blood mixed with tissues lining the uterus. Contact with menstrual blood is not harmful in any way. If your partner has a STD, you have a high chance of contracting it and you should be using a condom during intercourse, both during periods and otherwise.3. Does sex during periods cause HIV infection?Sex during periods cannot cause HIV infection unless one of the partners is HIV infected. Unprotected intercourse with an HIV infected partner can cause HIV infection, regardless of periods. The only connection between HIV and sex during periods is that the chances of HIV transmission from an HIV infected person to his/ her partner are higher if they have sex during periods. If you have the slightest concern about HIV infection, the thumb rule is to use a condom regardless of periods.4. Will contact with menstrual blood harm the penis?No, menstrual blood will not harm the penis in any way. The worries and concerns about menstrual blood stem from the fact that we have been socially conditioned to see it as a dirty fluid. Scientifically, menstrual fluid is a mix of blood and tissues that line the uterus every month to prepare it for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur, the tissue is shed because it is no longer required.5. Can sex during periods injure the uterus?No, sex during periods cannot injure the uterus. There is a common perception that the mouth of the uterus opens up during periods and the penis can poke into it and hurt the uterus. This is not correct. Menstrual flood oozes out of a very small opening in the mouth of the uterus. The penis can never poke in through this opening.6. Is sex during periods a perversion?You would be happy to know that a large number of couples have sex during periods. From the medical standpoint, sex during periods is absolutely normal. So if you too indulge in it, there is absolutely no need to feel guilty or anxious.7. Will sex during periods stop bleeding?Some women do notice that their periods stop within a day or so of sexual intercourse. This does not mean that the menstrual blood has been pushed back into the uterus and is unable to flow out. It happens primarily because sexual intercourse causes uterine contractions that expel the menstrual fluids and tissue faster, thus causing the bleeding to stop sooner than usual.8. Will sex during periods relieve menstrual cramps?Yes, some women do experience a decrease in menstrual cramps if they have sexual intercourse. This can happen because of multiple factors. On one hand, orgasm causes the release of some chemicals in the body that have pain allaying properties. Some scientists also believe that this happens because excess cramp causing chemicals called prostaglandins get used up.9. Is it ok to have oral sex during periods?Yes, from the health perspective it is ok to have oral sex during periods. It is advisable to use a dental dam if you have oral sex with a menstruating female partner.10. Should I remove my tampon before having sex during periods?Yes, always remember to remove your tampon before having sex during periods. If you do not do this there is a chance that the tampon will get pushed up in your vagina and if it is left there for a prolonged period, it can cause infection

Losing the sex drive can feel very depressing and can cause lots of problems in any relationships. There are some practical tips on reviving sex drive.
Top 10 tips to revive your sex life
Good communication

It’s important to be able to communicate well with your partner. It’s important to sit with the partner talk through your feelings to prevent them feeling rejected or hurt and to gain their support.

If you are getting tense or anxious, tell your partner how you are feeling. Tell one another would feel good next.

If you both partners say what they would like, what gives pleasure, both become aroused and can bring each other to climax, as long as that’s what both of you feel ready for.

Give time for sex

Busy lives and hectic schedules can be difficult to find the time to be intimate with your partner.

To keep a good sex life going on- relationship requires you to give it some space.Even if you don’t have sex you can find some time to get close and intimate with your partner, even if that just means cuddling in bed.There can be a particular problem around childbirth, but afternoon is a good time when the baby is asleep, by the evening you’re often too tired.

Feel good about yourself and please yourself

Being sexy is less about how do you look and more about how you feel about yourself.
Mind is the most forgotten sex organ and feeling good about yourself this itself will give real boost to your sexual confidence.
When it comes to sex it’s also important to feel relaxed.
Self-pleasuring helps to keep the pubococcygeal muscles (muscles of pubis)
Set the scene- Healthy atmosphere
A good sexual approach made in an appropriate and healthy environment is most likely to succeed.
If you want to spice up your sex life then tidy up your room and reduce the clutter that can distract you and focus on other things.
Try putting scented or perfumed candles in the room as smell is an important sense when it comes to sexual arousal.
Playing away from home once in a while can make you feel pampered and in the mood for play.
In a warm bedroom- soft lights if possible, low music is good for healthy sexual environment.
Try something new
Rather than doing the same old dace btw the sheets, try yourselves something little different and new.
Can try new sexual positions or simply change the order of your own routine. More fore play during the sex will stimulate orgasms.
Either in a warm bath, using soap or oil, or in a warm bed using lotion to make your hands glide smoothly, massages your body all over.
Sex toys, Aphrodisiacs
People have differing attitudes towards sex toys and games. But most can find sex aids that they feel comfortable with.
Aphrodisiacs- asparagus, oysters, champagne, and chocolates
Realistic approach
Change always takes a while but practice makes perfect.
If you have recently given birth then your partner may be more interested in rekindling your sex life before you feel ready and comfort.
Sit and talk to your partner about your interests. Explain him you need a little time to get used to being intimate again before feeling the desire for intercourse.
Reach for lubricants
Lubrication is very important for preventing pain during intercourse.
Vaginal yeast infections, breast feeding, menopause, and fear of sexual pain can all cause vaginal dryness.
It’s not me it’s him
Don’t be surprised or get panic, if you partner has erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation or tight vaginal muscles and thighs.
However the problem can be remedied and treated. Reassurance and confidence will boost the sexual life.
Sleep and diet
Instead of falling into bed exhausted and tired at midnight, dedicate time for the sex by getting under the sheets together earlier.
Don’t have sex when you are tired.
Adequate sleep of 7-8 hrs per day will help you in this.
Diet rich in green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits keep the health in good state including the sexual health.

As long as your pregnancy is proceeding normally, you can have sex as often as you like. Its better to avoid it in first 3 months and last 3 months. There is an increase in vaginal lubrication; engorgement of the genital area helps some people become orgasmic for the first time or multi-orgasmic. Unexplained vaginal bleeding is an absolute contraindications for sex during pregnancy.

Is it ok to have sex during pregnancy?
As long as your pregnancy is proceeding normally, you can have sex as often as you like.

But you may not always want to.
At first trimister, hormonal fluctuations, fatigue and nausea may sap your sexual desire During the second trimester, increased blood flow to your sexual organs and breasts may rekindle your desire for sex During the third trimester, weight gain, back pain and other symptoms may once again dampen your enthusiasm for sex
But there are many reasons why sex during pregnancy can be more enjoyable, even if you are doing it less.
There is an increase in vaginal lubrication; engorgement of the genital area helps some people become orgasmic for the first time or multi-orgasmic
Can sex during pregnancy cause a miscarriage?
Most of the early miscarriages are usually related to chromosomal abnormalities or other problems in the developing baby. But it is always better to avoid sex during first trimester (12 weeks), though the chances of miscarriage are less, few cases of have been reported. It’s better to avoid sex in last trimester (last 3 months) as rupture of bag of membranes can cause premature labor
Does sex during pregnancy harm the baby?
Your developing baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in your uterus, as well as the mucous plug that blocks the cervix throughout most of your pregnancy.
Sexual activity won’t affect your baby.
What are the best sexual positions during pregnancy?
As long as you’re comfortable, most sexual positions are OK during pregnancy
As your pregnancy progresses, experiment to find what works best
Rather than lying on your back, you might want to lie next to your partner sideways or position yourself on top of your partner or in front of your partner
Safe sexual positions in pregnancy
Woman on top- this allows you to control the depth of penetration, and the majority of the movement Spooning- usually its best if the man is behind allowing his penis to go between your thighs and enter you from behind Hands & Knees- this is a very good position for pregnant women again because of the lack of direct pressure on the abdomen
What about oral and anal sex?
Oral sex is safe during pregnancy. There’s a caveat, however
If you receive oral sex, make sure your partner doesn’t blow air into your vagina
Rarely, a burst of air may block a blood vessel (air embolism) — which could be a life-threatening condition for you and the baby. Generally, anal sex isn’t recommended during pregnancy. Anal sex may be uncomfortable if you have pregnancy-related hemorrhoids. More concerning, anal sex may allow infection-causing bacteria to spread from the rectum to the vagina.
Should my partner use a condom?
Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases during pregnancy increases the risk of infections that can affect your pregnancy and your baby’s health.
Use a condom if your partner has a sexually transmitted disease, you’re not in a mutually monogamous relationship or you choose to have sex with a new partner during pregnancy.
Can orgasms trigger premature labor?
Orgasms can cause uterine contractions.
But these contractions are different from the contractions you’ll feel during labor.
If you have a normal pregnancy, orgasms — with or without intercourse — don’t seem to increase the risk of premature labor or premature birth.
Are there times when sex should be avoided?

  • You are at a risk of premature labor
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Leaking amniotic fluid
  • Cervical incompetence
  • Placenta previa
  • Active sexually transmitted disease of partner

After the baby is born, how soon can I have sex?
Whether you give birth vaginally or by C-section, your body will need time to heal
It’s recommended to wait for four to six weeks before resuming intercourse
This allows time for your cervix to close and any tears or a repaired episiotomy to heal

Occasional masturbation is normal in both males and females. You need not feel guilty or worried about engaging in it. But it is a cause for concern if you think you are obsessed with it and it is interfering with your routine activities. In such a case, it may be advisable for you to develop more control on yourself. Here are some practical tips that can help you overcome the habit of masturbation.
When do you masturbate?
Identify the times of the day when you spend maximum time masturbating. If you tend to do it mostly at night, some exercise before going to bed will help as it will tire you out and you will have less energy to masturbate. Try some sit ups or an after-dinner walk
Go to bed in pajamas or other night-suits that do not let you touch yourself easily. A difficult to untie knot will give you more time to control your urge
If you mostly do it in the morning, make it a point to jump out of bed as soon as you are awake. Open your bedroom doors and windows so that even if you do get into bed again, you do not have complete privacy
If you find yourself masturbating during the daytime, you need to think how you can keep yourself busier so that you do not find the time to do it. Find activities that will keep you surrounded with people
Distract yourself immediately when you have an urge to masturbate — go for something else that you find enjoyable. Pick up that new sports magazine, rush to the kitchen for a quick snack, tune into your favorite TV channel
Why do you masturbate too much?
Many a times the desire to masturbate is an outcome of loneliness, boredom, or frustration.

Ask yourself if you are masturbating too much to escape these feelings. Are you looking at masturbation as a solution to your loneliness or boredom?
If you feel it may be a possible reason, focus on overcoming these feelings, rather than focusing on suppressing masturbation
Dos and Don’ts
Strictly stop looking at pornography. Find out about softwares that can block pornographic sites on your computer. Having to put a password every time you want to view the site will discourage you from doing it. Put all your pornographic magazines out of your reach
Exercise daily. If you already exercise daily, increase your physical activity. It will reduce your stress and anxiety level, which may be an underlying cause of your habit
Go to the bathroom often to keep your bladder empty. A full bladder can at times cause sexual stimulation. Some people have experienced that going to the bathroom makes it easier for them to resist the desire to masturbate
You can stop it
Tell yourself again and again that you can stop it. Masturbating too much is not a disease. If you are determined to overcome it, you will
Look at it as a test of your will power. Remind yourself that you are a strong individual who can resist temptations
Put a note on your wall saying something like “I am my own master”. It will help boost your self-image as a more confident person and someone in absolute control.

Male fertility depends on sperm quality and quantity, which can be affected by a variety of things. There are steps you can take to maximize your fertility and make sure your sperm are top performers.
Normal sperm characters
Normal ejaculate volume is between 2 and 6 ml
Sperm quantity
More than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen.
Of the millions of sperm in the ejaculated semen, only about 200 actually reach the egg in a woman’s fallopian tube.
But, just one is needed to fertilize the egg.
Sperm quality

  • Sperm shape and structure (morphology) are equally important
  • More than one-third of your sperm are of normal shape and structure
  • More than 30% normal forms is a strict criteria
  • A normal sperm has an oval head and a long tail that propel it forward
  • Sperm with large, small, tapered or crooked heads or kinky, curled or double tails are less likely to fertilize an egg

To reach the egg, sperm have to move on their own — wriggling and swimming the last few inches to reach and penetrate the egg
Most likely to be fertile if at least half of your sperm are moving
Normal humans typically have total sperm motility of greater than 50% or 25% progressively motile sperm
How to improve the sperm quality

  • Take a multivitamin- A daily multivitamin with selenium, zinc and folic acid
    Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables- are rich in antioxidants
  • Reduce stress- stress might interfere with certain hormones needed to produce sperm
  • Get regular exercise- But don’t overdo it. Men who exercise to exhaustion show a temporary change in hormone levels and a drop in sperm quality.
  • Watch your weight- too much or too little body fat may disrupt production of reproductive hormonesQuit using tobacco and limit alcohol
  • Avoid anabolic steroids
  • Avoid lubricants during sex- personal lubricants, lotions and even saliva can interfere with sperm motility. However, vegetable-oil-based lubricants are okay
  • Separating facts from fictions
  • Sitting on a bicycle saddle for more than 30 minutes at a time — especially if you also wear tight bicycle shorts — may raise your scrotal temperature and affect sperm production.

Prolonged cycling can cause genital numbness — a sign of damage to delicate nerves and arteries.
An illness that causes a fever can affect sperm production and sperm quality. But it won’t affect fertility for two to three months, since it takes sperm 75 days to mature.
Sperm counts are higher in the winter and lower in the summer. This may be because cooler temperatures are associated with increased sperm production

Safe sex is the term given to the intercourse which prevents the direct contact and exchange of Semen, Vaginal Fluid and other secretions of the body like Breast milk and Saliva. This will help in reducing the risk of getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases and even pregnancy along with, It is generally achieved by using one of the following methods –

  • Male Condoms
  • Latex Surgical gloves
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Sex without going for penetration
  • Dry sex
  • Using spermicides like nonocidal-9
  • Female Condoms

The above mentioned methods will not only protect against pregnancy but they will protect from getting Sexually Transmitted Disease.
Common sexually transmitted disease

  • Genital Herpes
  • Genital Warts
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection (HIV)
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hurdles to safe sex
  • Not using male and female condoms

Ignorance and/or lack of complete information about the partner
One of the partners having history of any of the above listed sexually transmitted diseases
Using unusual methods for sexual pleasure like oral sex, anal sex etc.
Intravenous drug users are more susceptible for getting the sexually transmitted disease
Use of alcohol and other illicit drugs may precipitate the unsafe sex and makes an person more susceptible for the various diseases
Tips for safe sex

  • Always use water based lubricant and never use oil base as oil may disrupt the latex barrier and will expose the person
  • Use a condom once
  • Identify the right surface of the condom and wear it in right way
  • Keep some space in the front part of the penis without air for the accumulation of the semen
  • Never try non preferred methods of sex like oral sex and anal sex and if trying it one must use condoms and take appropriate precautions
  • If using some articles like sex toys for pleasure then never uses them without applying condoms, also these should not be exchanged between two individuals
  • Throw the used condom immediately

Do you have stimulation problems in Sex? Do you think you are overtly sex drived? Do you have misconception about sex? Do you have problems in the initial stimulus. We are here to help you with few fascinating facts which might reduce the latent phase of stimulation
Here we try to bring out some stimulating facts about sex.
1. Do you want to burn your calories in the bed! Have vigorous sex for half an hour and burn 150 calories and you can lose two kilos a year – if you have sex 7 to 8 times a month. Increase the frequency and you can lose more weight. But mind you it has to be vigorous.
2. Guess how many acts of sexual intercourses happen daily in the world – approx.. 100 million!
3. You lose calories by just kissing? Yes it is true so, you lose 26 calories if you kiss for a minute and 260 if you did it for 10 minutes. Why wait, all over weight and Obese people can lose additional weight by this practice. Remember your regualar work outs and Diet Modifications is the primary way to lose weight.
4. Japanese men are the least interested people in sex, they do just 36 times in a year, least amongst the world men.
5. There is an interesting relation between Headache and Sex. You might want to try it with your girl friend or wife. If your girl-friend or wife has a headache it may be cured by a complete full fledged orgasmic intercourse. There is scientific reason for that too, endorphins are the substances released by females after complete sex and these substances are pain killers. Take care not to follow this in intense pain, this might not work.
6. Now kissing has another good reason. Apparently so, the extra saliva that is exchanged reduces decay of teeth by keeping your mouths clean.
7. Did you know that 54% of men and 19% of women think about sex everyday and several times a day.
8. The American men have the maximum number of romping during a single year that is 124 times, followed by Greeks by 117 times. Do you know the figures for Indian men; it is merely less than 80 times a year.
9. Do you know how many condoms are used in the world every year? Wow it is amazingly large between six and nine billion. Do you know the country with largest condom production, yes it is Thailand more than 3 million per year.
10. Do you know which specialist doctor use condom daily? The Radiologist, yes it is for different purpose, They use condom to protect the Ultrasound probe while scanning the prostate gland through the rectum.
We try to make sex a more exciting experience than you have it now. Keep tracking this article for more interesting facts

An orgasm (sexual climax) is the conclusion of the plateau phase of sexual response cycle, and may be experienced by both males and females. It is accompanied by quick cycles of muscle contraction in the lower pelvic muscles, which surround the primary sexual organs and the anus
Achieving orgasm
The most common way of achieving orgasm in women is by the stimulation of clitoris
Women can get an orgasm during vaginal intercourse, oral sex (cunnilingus), masturbation, or other types of non-penetrative sex
Female orgasm may also be achieved by stimulation of the nipples, uterus, or other erotic zones
At times psychological arousal may be sufficient to lead to an orgasm, for e.g. during dreaming (which may result in a nocturnal emission)
Stimulation of an internal structure called Skene’s gland plays an important part in female orgasm. In common use, this area is referred to as G-spot
Anal stimulation
“Anal orgasm” is orgasm acheived during anal stimulation, such as during anal sex, or by inserting a finger or a sex toy. Both men and women can acheive anal orgasm. Hence, anal-oral contact can still be pleasurable without stimulation of the clitoris.
Breast and nipple stimulation
A “breast orgasm” is a female orgasm that is triggered by the stimulation of a woman’s breast , even the individual’s nipples are stimulated and become erect.
Medical aspects of orgasm
Orgasm in women lasts much longer than in men
It is preceded by stiffening of the clitoris and moistening of the vaginal opening
Just at the point of orgasm, the outer part of the vagina tightens and narrows while overall the vagina lengthens and dilates and also becomes engorged
This is followed by muscular contractions in the uterus
During a full orgasm, a woman’s uterus, vagina, anus, and pelvic muscles go through a series of rhythmic contractions
Multiple orgasms
At times women can have a second orgasm soon after the first one without experiencing a refractory period. Many women find the subsequent climaxes to be stronger or more pleasurable than the initial one. In some women, the clitoris and nipples are very sensitive after climax, because of which further stimulation maybe painful.

Can have many causes. It is typically not a health concern, although it can impair fertility.
A dry orgasm — an orgasm with no discharge of semen — can have many causes. It is typically not a health concern, although it can impair fertility.
Causes of dry orgasm include:
Retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, semen is forced back into the bladder instead of out through the penis. Causes of retrograde ejaculation include diabetes, damage or injury to the prostate such as due to prostate surgery, and certain medications, such as alpha blockers used to treat enlarged prostate.
Surgical removal of the prostate (prostatectomy).
Surgical removal of the bladder (cystectomy).
Radiation therapy directed at the pelvic area, such as for prostate cancer.
If you’re concerned about having dry orgasms or if you are experiencing pain associated with dry orgasms, consult a urologist for an evaluation. When possible, treatment is directed at the underlying cause. If the cause of dry orgasm is retrograde ejaculation and infertility is an issue, it may be possible to retrieve sperm from the urine following orgasm for use in artificial insemination.