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Heart disease is a growing issue among people within the age group of 40+. For a person meeting a heart attack or any other heart-related issue, doctors specialized in Men’s sexual health and treatment suggest lifestyle changes apart from medication and follow-up. Yet, it is vital to get precise information about resuming sex after a heart attack.

Sex After Heart Attack

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Are You Fit to Have Sex After A Heart Attack?

It would be wise to consult the Best doctors for sexual problems to get a personalized diagnosis and resolve various issues concerning your sex life. There may not be a standard remedy for all the issues for everyone. In fact the cardiologists and sexologists recommend some parameters to consider a person fit to have sex after a heart attack:

  • Sex is considerably stressful. Sexual arousal causes a similar rise in heartbeats and blood pressure among men and women. So, if a person can climb two floors by stairs without any breathing issues, he or she is fit to have sex.
  • If the person can jog or walk a mile without any difficulty, it is safe for him or her to have sex.
  • Most of the patients fear of getting another heart attack during intercourse or even death. Yet, these worries are baseless. Even their partners need not worry.
  • Medication for sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction doesn’t disturb heart rate much. So, it is safe to order Sex enhancement pills Online after consulting the expert sexologists before starting the course.

The Best Sexologists Are Easy to Access:

Thus you can consult the Best doctors for sexual problems online. Also, you can book an appointment at their modern clinics at Ernakulam, Kottayam, and Thrissur for a detailed diagnosis of Men’s sexual health and treatment.

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