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Dr Althaf Ibrahim Rana is the fourth generation physician who spreads the visionary light of age old treasure of Unani medicine transcended from generation to generation. Apart from the inherited knowledge he took degree in Unani medicine and specialized in sexual medicine. By incorporating the healing tenets of the glowing Unani medicine, with the stringent scientific and technical execution, he delivers a blissful healing touch in the lives of hundreds of sexually disheartened people.

Dr Althaf Ibrahim Rana

Moreover, to revamp the sexually distressed patience to a soothing conjugal life, he performs counseling with empathy and calmness. In addition, he is the perfect executor of  authentic HIjama treatment. In fact he is one of the few who had mastered the art, science and craft of the legendary HIjama. To sum up, Dr Althaf is a combination of skill, empathy, technical know-how and execution, along with mastery of HIjama. He can certainly be regarded as the best sexologist of our Times.

Dr Althaf Ibrahim Rana- The Expert Sexologist

Dr Althaf is well-versed in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PE), Penile Enhancement and Venereal Diseases (VD) (STD). 

Erectile Dysfunction Specialist

Erectile dysfunction stems out due to a number of physiological and psychological issues. It differs from person to person. Dr Althaf tackles the right course and gives customized treatment, with the aid of pure herbal Unani medicines. The psychological cause is done with steaming counselling sessions with his brilliant proficiency. 

Best Sexologist for Premature Ejaculation

Another alarming sexual calamity is Premature Ejaculation. During intercourse, if male ejaculates out his semen way before attaining sexual happiness peak, we can term it as premature ejaculation. Moreover, by repeatedly occurring, it makes the man disillusioned with performance  anxiety and he fails in sexual intercourse. Here also, Doctor Altaf envisages a two fold methodology to surpass it, one by, strict medication based on the  healing tenets of Unani and Ayurveda system and two, by, counselling sessions and interactions , which result in a 100% cure. 

Penile Enhancement Expert Doctor

Most of the sexually distressed people have a false notion of penis size which produces the performance anxiety. In fact, this results to a fear and inferiority complex, which inevitably plunges to relationship break ups and sorrows. At this juncture, doctor Althaf delivers detailed counselling programs on the penile size and performance and plucks the negative thoughts that impede performance. By studious administration of Unani herbal medicines, he enhances the penile size which makes cohabitation enjoyable and life rejuvenated.

Best Doctor for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Venereal Diseases caused by sexual interactions are the deadliest diseases ever. It is transmitted through semen or vaginal fluids. Different types of STDs have different types of medications. Only a seasoned  doctor like Dr Althaf, can effectively sort out the cause and solve it from the roots. Here, his wisdom and knowledge in Unani Ayurveda streams of medicine aid him to bring out the result.

Dr Althaf Ibrahim Rana
Leave aside your worries and throw away your sexual concerns and delve into the realm of sexual enthusiasm by dropping in at Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall– Dr. Althaf is there to grab your hands!

Dr Althaf Ibrahim Rana’s Pre-marital and Post-marital counselling

Pre-marital counselling

Now a days Pre-marital counselling is becoming a need. Unawareness in sex and sexual interactions of the newly wed couples, results in the breaking up of conjugal harmony and life becomes miserable for them. To avoid that, couples intentionally try to seek the help of sexologist for counselling. But only a doctor who has enormous knowledge in medicine and expertise in counselling, like Dr Althaf Ibrahim Rana ,can perform that perfectly. Hundreds of needy couples throng the clinics of Dr Rana’s to have sessions with Dr Althaf. with his lectures and tips, they blissfully step to matrimony to share the conjugal bliss.

Post-marital Counselling

The need for Post-marital Counselling arises from a number of physical and mental factors. Physical factors include  penile size, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc. Whereas the mental factors seem to be the false notion regarding sexual intercourse and performance fear and anxiety.  Here, the need of medication is inevitable. But. along with it, Dr Althaf puts in great efforts in conducting seminar like interactive sessions and counselling which makes the couples shed their false notion, inhibition and false knowledge. Indeed, these make them ready to start a healthy, rejuvenated sexual life.

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