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Erectile Dysfunction curable and affordable treatment


Does Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) last forever?

Only a man who continuously faces erection disorders knows the suffering and pain he’s put to. Above all, weak Erections cause emotional and mental trauma in men. The constant doubt that arises is whether Erectile Dysfunction (Impotency) is curable and affordable treatment  and what would be the effective treatment for curing it permanently. You’re in the right place, Dr Rana’s Medical Hall is a Herbal Unani Clinic that administrates proven Herbal Medicine since 1960,  that cares and cures your Erection issues forever, that too affordably.

What is Erectile dysfunction(ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain and maintain an erection, which is strong enough for a sexual intercourse. Occasional erection issues are common in all age groups. But if its repeating quite often, keep an eye on it. ED affects men of all age, whether young or old. However, it is more prominent in aged men because of multiple reasons like underlying physical conditions, psychological and emotional stress or one’s life style . Whatever be the age, ED is completely curable.

What is erection in men? Why proper Erection has a paramount importance in sexual intercourse?

When a man is sexually aroused, the Penis starts to expand, it becomes firm and grows bigger and thicker in length and girth.  A hard and strong erected penis is the primary requisite for vaginal penetration or sexual intercourse. Needless to say, quality Erection is the backbone for Quality sex.

Symptoms of ED (Sexual Weakness) :

  1. Firstly, Occasional Inability to obtain a full erection.
  2. Secondly, Inability to maintain an erection through intercourse.
  3. Finally, Complete inability to achieve an erection.

It is normal to experience erectile dysfunction on occasion. But, if erectile dysfunction lasts longer than two months, or, is a recurring problem, certainly, you should consult our doctor for a physical examination.

 Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction :

  1. Nervous Weakness
  2. Blood leakage inside the blood vessels of the penis.
  3. Alcoholism and other forms of drug abuse
  4. Psychological tension, confusion or fears.
  5. Lack of sex hormones.
  6. Diabetic
  7. Venereal diseases
  8. Multiple Sclerosis
  9. Certain prescription medications
  10. Hypertension

Diagnosis of Erectile dysfunction


How can I test myself for erectile dysfunction?

Firstly, Just by answering this self evaluation test, you can understand the sexual abnormalities you are facing. 

Self-test Questionnaire for ED

  1. Don’t you get a hard and firm erection even after sexual arousal or sexual attraction?
  2. Do you lack Quality erections?
  3. Or is it like you get some erection but unable to maintain it throughout the play?
  4. Don’t you have the capability to penetrate her during intercourse?
  5. Does she start noticing your inefficiency or already complaining about it?
  6. Is it sudden lose of erections due to your performance anxiety?
  7. Do you miss those morning erections (morning wood)?

Meanwhile, If you are still confused, clear your doubts by consulting our best sexologist doctors who offer the most effective erectile dysfunction medicines. By conducting a physical test, our specialist sexologist doctors will diagnose ED and will recommend the apt medicines for your sexual weakness.



Erectile dysfunction curable and affordable 

Erectile dysfunction Treatment

A very common concern among people with ED is the confusions regarding the treatment pattern. Physical and psychological conditions affect the erection capacity of a person. Finding out the real problem and destroying it is the game-changer. Our Senior Sexologist Doctors are well versed in handling all types of erection disorders by following unique and effective treatment methodology which include medication and counselling.

Erectile Dysfunction curable and affordable treatment.

A true value scientific combination of immensely potential ancient herbal Unani medico-combination prepared in Dr.Ranas Medical Hall. As a result of our  strenuous research and dedication, we make the best possible medicines palpable for the client who stumble from sexual problems. We assure a permanent erectile dysfunction cure with our time tested and most effective herbal ayurvedic ED medicine, that cures Erectile dysfunction forever.

Sexual problems and solutions: Treated by the top sexologist specialist doctors


Sexual problems concerns and concepts:

  • In many cases, people get confused – Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation, what is their real sexual problem?
  • Do you know a sexually inactive person or inconsistency in sex can end up in Erectile Dysfunction?
  •  Irregular sex might be because of your low sex drive which can be due to low testosterone.
  • There are different types of sexual problems a man face.
  • These sexual issues may or may not have connections.
  • Symptoms of one sexual issue can be the symptom of another.
  • The unattended sexual issues can result in yet another sexual problems or some times a series of complicated sexual problems.

Force stop your sexual concerns and confusions. Identifying the real cause and treating the sexual problems from the root is what you really need. We at Dr Rana’s strictly follow and practice that method which TREATS THE CAUSE AND NOT THE SYMPTOMS. And for that reason, Dr Rana’s well experienced and efficient doctors are here for your rescue.

Online consultation and offline treatments for your sexual problems.

It would be a wise decision to treat a sexual problem and maintain your sexual health before it gets worse. For instance, early ejaculation Issues you face in your sexual life should not be ignored and what you need is the Best treatment for Premature Ejaculation to eradicate it from your life forever. For instance, There are many males who ruin their life, moaning about their penile size issues. Why not consider consulting our sexologist for an Effective Penile Enhancement treatment and get yourself relieved from this confusions and concerns forever.

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