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Authentic Hijama Cupping in Kerala

Dr Rana’s Medical Hall offers you the best authentic hijama cupping therapy in Kerala, done by the Dr Althaf Ibrahim Rana himself.

What Is Hijama?

Hijama comes from the root word al-hajm, which simply means ‘sucking’. Cupping is the modern term for this ancient form of medical treatment, in which the physician creates a partial vacuum in cups on the surface of the body. The vacuum created by either heat or suction draws up the skin and muscle layers (a few millimeters)into the cups.

The negative pressure, that transmits into the body tissues encourages blood flow, the release of toxins and the removal of waste.

Then he leaves the cups in one place on the skin or moves around, as part of massage cupping. This treatment is to influence the movement of bodily fluids such as lymph fluid. It also influences venous drainage and the reduction of stagnant flow.

In conventional massage, a negative pressure on the body presses down muscles and tissues. But here, this pressure lifts up both the muscles and tissues. It enables the treatment to massage tissues from the inside out. This has beneficial effects on muscles, fascia and skin as well as influencing the deeper organs.

Hijama or wet cupping

Wet cupping or Hijama is also an ancient medical technique popular amongst Arab cultures. Hijama cupping is now done in Kerala in most authentic way.

It utilizes the same principles of regular cupping therapy. It allows the release and removal of stagnant blood, toxins, inflammation and swellings. This is done by doing small scratches or pinpricks over the areas where the suction is applies.

Over 3000 years, practitioners use this combination of cupping therapy and controlled bloodletting. This was a practice of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), who promoted and recommended as an inspiration from God. The practice of wet cupping was also an integral part of more recent medical practice since its development in the Middle East and was using up until the 1800s.

To sum up, a simplified explanation of wet cupping is by allowing small quantities of blood, released from swollen and painful areas of the body, giving relief, promote healing and regaining function and balance within the body.

Authentic Hijama Cupping in Kerala Is Good For?

Firstly,Back Pain, Blood disorders, Detoxification & illness Prevention, Digestive Issues, Urinary Tract Problems, Ears Nose and Throat Problems, Foot and Ankle Pain, Hand and Arm Pains, Knee pain and problems in the Leg, Sciatica, Migraines, Headaches, Memory & Concentration, Neck and Shoulder Pains, Skin conditions, Stress, Tension, Psychological disorders & Depression, Neck and Shoulder Pains etc

Authentic Hijama Cupping Kerala

The Following Are The Main Steps Of A Typical Authentic Hijama Cupping

1. During initial consultation, a qualified doctor takes a full medical history of the patient. This may require a physical examination and if applicable, blood tests to uncover the root cause of your problems. Moreover, he notes blood pressure, heart rate and current medication. The collected information will help to gain a clear picture of your current health status.

2. Physician then decides, whether you are suitable for Hijama therapy or not. In applicable cases, he devises a recommended treatment plan based on your specific needs. In addition to that, he clearly explains the treatment procedures also.

3. After knowing the findings of your assessment and your recommended treatment plan, you will have an opportunity to ask any question related to that. After that, the physician refers you to your hijama practitioner who will begin the treatment.

Hijama Procedures begin…

4. You have to lie down or sit upon a treatment couch. Depending on a number of considerations, doctor determines special small cups on specific points of your body to create suction on the skin, using a hand-operated pump. The cups will be there for about 5-10 minutes and can feel like a gentle to hard pinch (depending on the sensitivity of the skin) or pull on the skin.

5. The practitioner, then removes the cups and make slight pricks or tiny scratches in the area, using a small sterile blade or lancet pen and reapply the cups with the suction pump, on the same points for about 5-10 minutes. This, now starts collecting small drops of the unwanted waste/old blood into the cup.

6. Finally, after a limited number of applications, the cups are then removed and the blood, cups and all materials used are safely discarded. The skin area is cleaned and sterilised to heal naturally.

7. The cupped sites will stop bleeding as soon as the suction stops. Within a few minutes, the cuts scab over and dry, leaving the area free from any bodily fluids. If there is a slight amount of fluid at the sites, a plaster dressing will be applied. Large dressings or plasters are not usually necessary as they often make the site moist and prevent quick healing.

8. The whole session typically lasts 30-60 minutes, unless if you are a repeat patient, in which case, it should take no longer than 30 minutes.

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