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Treatment cost of Sexual problem is the FIRST main concern of people when they look for the remedy of sexual issues.
Before going behind the cost of the treatment, there are many other serious factors you should consider before making a decision.

SEXUAL problems or complications are as important or as dangerous as any other diseases that are affecting your body. But unfortunately, people are not giving importance to the sexual issues or Intimacy problems they are facing in their life.

Are you this much tensed and concerned about the cost of the medicines you are taking for your cholesterol or heart issues or diabetes or any such ailments?

Why Dr Rana’s?

60 years of Legacy – Dr Rana’s Since 1960
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But when it comes to the treatment of sexual disorders, you are always stingy or unwilling or feel it’s not worthy to treat sexual disorders.

Is it because of your sexual complications and Intimacy Issues are not a priority for you?

Or – Do you think these sexual abnormalities will become Normal by its own?

It’ll only get worse over time!

Before thinking about the treatment cost, these important factors should be seriously considered for choosing the remedy for your sexual illness.

Factors to be considered before you choose your treatment

  1. Consult a doctor before taking any type of sexual medicines.
  2. Check the reliability and credibility of the sexologist you are consulting.

3 . Consider the experience and expertise of the sexologist Doctor you are consulting.

  1. Check whether your treatment is safe.
  2. Know whether this treatment gives you a complete cure.
  3. Know whether your treatment is a customised one
  4. your sexual problems can be the result of any other underlying conditions you are having. So talk to your doctor openly and honestly.
  5. Don’t hesitate to treat your sexual issues, it is just like any other ailments you have. Ignoring it is not the right solution.
  6. NEVER go behind sex pills or drugs that give you a temporary relief like Viagra or Viagra spray. Continuous use of these drugs will affect you seriously.
  7. Don’t go behind sexual enhancement medicines that are seen in advertisements or from Medical store given by the pharmacist.

Treatments for all SEXUAL disorders

Erection related issues/ Erectile dysfunction

Whatever be your Sexual issues, we have the perfect solution.

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Dr Rana’s UNANI clinic is a government accredited Sexual clinic since 1960.
Our Medicines are purely herbal, effective and with no side effects.

Our experienced and eminent sexologist Doctors need to understand your health conditions completely before prescribing Medicines as Our treatment plans are completely personalized.

  • You should talk clearly about
  • Your sexual health conditions,
  • Problems you are facing,
  • Your mental state,
  • Physical conditions,
  • Health issues,
  • How long have you had this disease? Etc.
  • For getting the best-suited treatment for you.
Best sexologist near me

Direct/ Chat/ Online/ Tele/ video / Email consultation

You can fix a direct consultation with us at our clinic locations Ernakulam / Kochi, Kottayam, Thrissur.

Our sex consult are available for Free Online consultation.

Please click the link below and answer the questions asked about your SEXUAL Health perfectly. Our sexologist will review your case history and revert back with your treatment plan and quote. Free Online Consultation

You can also opt for a Tele / Video consultation for immediate assistance.

Call @+918848511462 for appointments.

30 to 45 minutes are required for a thorough check-up. So please plan your time accordingly. After understanding your issues you will get a clear idea about the treatment and cost of treatment.

We assure a permanent solution for all your SEXUAL worries and disorders.

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