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Ayurvedic Treatments for all Sexual problems

Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall is a deemed medical institution of the highest repute which offers ayurvedic treatments for all your sexual problems.

Our Speciality treatments include:-


Proper erection for a proper sexual intercourse is lacking even in most young people. Moreover, they are repressed of proper regimen or cure for their erection issues. We, in Dr Rana’s Medical Hall provides scientific and precise ayurvedic treatments for all your sexual problems. In addition to medications, behavioral counseling is also advised for Erectile dysfunction treatment.


Premature ejaculation, disarms the sexual fervor even at the outset of  intercourse. Moreover, this condition worries them even to the extent of restraining from sexual act . Dr Rana’s Medical Hall, administer Scientific accuracy of medications followed by stringent counselling.  Our medications will certainly, equip you to return to blissful love life.


Firstly, the size of the penis is a cause for the deepest concern and worry for males. Secondly, It creates a psychological imbalance in their lives. Moreover, biological reasons and false notions create great havoc in their marital lives. In Dr Rana’s Medical Hall, we provide the perfect medications based pure Ayurveda and unani with zero side effects. In addition to medication, you will be supported by thorough counseling. Our medications, certainly  lead you to Penile enhancement and conjugal joy.


STD, firstly is a dreadful calamity, which can occur due to multiple reasons. Moreover, Only an adept physician can diagnose and treat such an inflicted disease. We are the pioneers in managing and treating  STD with the perfect herbal ayurvedic medicines. We offers ayurvedic treatments for all your sexual problems as well.


Dr Rana’s Medical Halls magical combination of fast-acting high potency Herbal drugs for the perpetual cure of Gonorrhoea. The effect of the medicines detoxifies the body which completely eradicates the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoea.


Early diagnosis and treatment can kill the bacteria that cause these disease and stop the progression of the Syphillis. Left untreated, the disease can lead to serious complications or death. With our specially designed methodology of fast-acting high potency HERBAL DRUGS  through  Unani & Ayurveda Herbalism complete blood detoxification and eradication of the Treponema pallidum bacterium from the blood takes place alleviating all the symptoms without any side effects and the disease gets cured in a span of 2-6 months.


Dr Rana’s Medical Hall  felicitates a clinically proven and technically brilliant application of Treatment for Herpes, which is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic principles and generations of experience. You can rely on the testimony of hundreds and hundreds of completely cured clients around the globe.


Dr Rana’s medical Hall offers the best combination of herbal medicines which increases retentive power and virility. Therefore, these medicines are very effective for night falls or Wet dreams.


Hijama helps in rejuvenation of your body and mind. Its very effective for Back Pain, Detoxification & illness Prevention. Moreover, it helps in Digestive Issues, Urinary Tract Problems and many other issues.


Total package of Herbal Medicines for prostate enlargement relieves prostate congestion. To sum up, our medicines are the best for prostrate issues.


Firstly, An ideal combination of drugs for Leucorrhoea helps involution of uterus and prevents obesity. Secondly, it promotes general health. Our special tonic for females has antimicrobial and astringent actions. This controls and cures leucorrhoea.

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