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Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall: Best Sexologist in Doha Qatar

Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall, was established in 1960, by Dr. M. S. Roy, with the sole objective to help people improve their sexual health, happiness and confidence. From then, we rank as the best sexologist of India, offering the fast, safe and everlasting remedy for men’s sexual disorders and sexually transmitted diseases. Our team, known as the best sexologist in Doha Qatar, comprises of experienced medical professionals, who cares your sexual wellness with best-personalized treatment. Whatever be your sexual concerns; be it, the look out for the best ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or the best infertility treatments, your search ends here.

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Our Specialty Treatments :

Erectile Dysfunction

Are you a man who repeatedly gets loosing the ‘charge’ at the very start of intimacy? Come, visit RMH… We have the remedy and solution, strictly based on 100% safe & natural Unani-Ayurveda System.


Premature Ejaculation

Does your ‘Volcano’ erupt way ahead of your culmination…? RMH is at your rescue with 100% Herbal & effective Unani medicine.

Penile Enhancement treatment

Penile Enhancement

Know the facts & myths about Penile Size and Enhancement from our qualified doctors who can help you with counselling & 100% effective, safe and Herbal Unani treatment.

Treatments by Best Sexologist in Doha Qatar for:

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Online and Tele Video Consultation with the Best Sexologist in Doha Qatar:

  • Direct consultation: We are open for direct consultation at locations Ernakulam / Kochi, Kottayam, Thrissur and Alappuzha.
  • Free Online consultation: Click and Fill in the form to avail a FREE consultation. After studying your health case, our sex consultant will revert.

Indeed, the best and fast way to attain our services for your sex-related issues and worries is TELE call or video call. Fix an appointment to get a convenient time. 30-45 minutes may be needed for consultation, plan your time accordingly.


Why Dr Rana’s?

60 years of Legacy – Dr Rana’s Since 1960
Authentic & Effective HERBAL Remedy for Men’s SEXUAL disorders
Experienced & Trusted Sexologist Doctors
Body – Mind approach for Sexual Healing
Direct / Chat / Email / Online / Tele / Video – CONSULTATION
English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Urdu – Languages we speak
sexologist of Doha Qatar :Dr Rana's Medical Hall

Our Sexologist Doctors are available Online and we deliver medicines to all parts of Qatar like:

  • Firstly, Doha
  • Abu az Zuluf
  • Abu Thaylah
  • Also, Ad Dawhah al Jadidah
  • Al `Arish
  • Al Bida` ash Sharqiyah
  • Moreover, Al Ghanim
  • Al Ghuwariyah
  • Al Hilal al Gharbiyah
  • Furthermore, Al Hilal ash Sharqiyah
  • Al Hitmi
  • Al Jasrah
  • In addition, Al Jumaliyah
  • Al Ka`biyah
  • Al Khalifat
  • Similarly, Al Khor
  • Al Khawr
  • Al Khuwayr
  • Likewise, Al Mafjar
  • Al Qa`abiyah
  • Al `Adhbah
  • An Najmah
  • Ar Rakiyat
  • Also, Al Rayyan
  • Ar Ru’ays
  • Likewise, As Salatah
  • As Salatah al Jadidah
  • Indeed, As Sani`
  • As Sawq
  • Also, Ath Thaqab
  • Blaré
  • In fact, Dukhan
  • Ras Laffan Industrial City
  • Similarly, Umm Bab
  • Also, Umm Sa’id
  • Umm Salal Ali
  • Finally, Umm Salal Mohammed

Best Sexologist in Doha Qatar

  • Firstly, Abu Dhalouf      
  • Al Shamal.
  • Abu Hamour      
  • Indeed, Ain Khaled         
  • Ain Sinan            
  • Al Shamal.
  • Al Aziziya            
  • Baaya   
  • In fact, Bani Hajer          
  • Barahat Al Jufairi             
  • Bu Fasseela       
  • Also, Bu Samra            
  • Bu Sidra               
  • Al Bidda               
  • Dahl Al Hamam
  • Indeed, Doha International Airport          
  • Doha Port           
  • Duhail  
  • Moreover, Dukhan Al Daayen           
  • Al Daayen.
  • Al Dafna              
  • Ad Dawhah al Jadidah   
  • Furthermore, Al Ebb   Al Daayen.
  • Al EglaF
  • Also, Fuwayrit             
  • Al Shamal.
  • In fact, Fereej Abdel Aziz            
  • Fereej Bin Durham          
  • Also, Fereej Bin Mahmoud     
  • Finally, Fereej Bin Omran    

Treatments for Men’s Sexual Disorders

  • Doha Port  
  • Firstly, Fereej Kulaib     
  • Fereej Mohammed Bin Jassim   
  • Fereej Al Amir   
  • Also Fereej Al Asiri    
  • Fereej Al Asmakh            
  • Fereej Al Murra
  • Moreover, Fereej Al Manaseer
  • Fereej Al Nasr   
  • Fereej Al Soudan             
  • Furthermore, Fereej Al Zaeem
  • Gharrafat Al Rayyan       
  • Al Gharrafa        
  • In addition, Al Ghuwariyah 
  • In deed, Al Khor.
  • Hamad Medical City       
  • Also, Hazm Al Markhiya
  • Al Hilal  
  • Industrial Area 
  • Indeed, Izghawa (Al Rayyan)       
  • Izghawa (Umm Salal)     
  • Umm Salal.
  • Jabal Thuaileb   
  • Certainly, Jelaiah
  • In fact, Jeryan Jenaihat
  • Jeryan Nejaima
  • Al Jasrah             
  • Al Jeryan             
  • Khawr al Udayd
  • Al Karaana          
  • Al Kharrara         
  • Also, Al Kharaitiyat    
  • Similarly, Al Kharayej        
  • Al Kheesa
  • Al Khor
  • Similarly, Al Khulaifat
  • Leabaib
  • Likewise, Lebday
  • Lejbailat
  • Certainly, Lekhwair
  • Also, Leqtaifiya (West Bay Lagoon)

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Lijmiliya               
  • Luaib    
  • In deed, Lusail    
  • Al Luqta               
  • Madinat ash Shamal       
  • Madinat Al Kaaban         
  • In fact, Madinat Khalifa North  
  • Madinat Khalifa South  
  • Certainly, Mebaireek         
  • Mehairja             
  • Also, Mesaieed           
  • Mesaieed Industrial Area             
  • Mesaimeer        
  • Al Messila           
  • Muaither            
  • Similarly, Muraikh              
  • Mushayrib         
  • Al Mamoura      
  • Al Mansoura     
  • Likewise, Al Markhiyah    
  • Al Mashaf           
  • Al Masrouhiya  
  • In addition, Al Mearad          
  • Al Mirqab           
  • Najma  
  • New Al Hitmi     
  • Also, New Al Mirqab 
  • New Al Rayyan 
  • New Salata
  • Moreover, New Fereej
  • Al Ghanim  
  • New Fereej
  • Al Khulaifat
  • Nu`ayjah             
  • Furthermore, Al Najada
  • Al Nasraniya      
  • Old Airport
  • Old Al Ghanim  
  • In deed, Old Al Hitmi       
  • Old Al Rayyan   
  • Onaiza
  • Similarly, The Pearl            
  • Al Qassar            
  • Ras Abu Aboud
  • Likewise, Ras Lafan            
  • Rawdat Al Hamama        
  • In fact, Rawdat Al Khail               
  • Rawdat Egdaim
  • Rawdat Rashed
  • Also, Rumeilah       

Premature Ejaculation Treatments

  • Ar Ru’ays            
  • Al Rufaa
  • Sawda Natheel 
  • Shagra          
  • Similarly, Simaisma          
  • Al Sadd
  • As Salatah          
  • Surely, Al Sailiya              
  • Al Sakhama
  • Likewise, Al Shagub             
  • Al-Shahaniya     
  • Al Souq               
  • Indeed, Al Seej 
  • Al Tarfa
  • Al Thakhir
  • In fact, Al Themaid
  • Al Thumama (Doha)
  • Al Thumama (Al Wakrah)             
  • Umm Bab           
  • Moreover, Umm Birka         
  • Umm Ghuwailina
  • Umm Lekhba    
  • Furthermore, Umm Qarn         
  • Umm Salal Ali    
  • Umm Salal Mohammed
  • In addition, Al Utouriya        
  • Wadi Al Banat   
  • Similarly, Wadi Al Sail        
  • Wadi Al Wasaah
  • Also, Wadi Lusail        
  • Al Waab              
  • Likewise, Al Wajba             
  • Al Wakrah          
  • Similarly, Al Wukair            
  • Finally, Al Zubarah
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