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Sex tips for relationship Post Corona period

Sex Tips for relationship Post Corona period

How fast world changed, But did we really change?

  • We adapt for the New Normal, but still not for Normal Sex.
  • A Mask for an unknown enemy but never Unmask a sexual problem.
  • Yes to Social distancing but No to Emotional balancing.
  • Quarantine but not Sixty Nine
  • Up to date about COVID 19 but not Up for a Date.
  • Mature in hygiene but Premature in Ejaculation.
  • Safety highly appreciated but Erection highly depreciated.
  • Fear about the future but Cool about libido
  • Let’s Embrace the New normal but stop Embarrassing the partner.

Tips for your Sexual life Post Corona.

TIP #1. sex tips for relationship


Safety should be the first and foremost thing that one should be aware of while having sex during this pandemic, especially with a new partner, multiple partners or an unknown partner. In this Post corona period, be very careful or to be precise, strictly avoid sex with an unknown partner, sex workers or with people who trade sex for money. Corona is a new virus and still studying it. Normal Safety measures followed in sex to protect you, won’t be enough for the New Corona.

For instance, A condom is a good option for preventing you from contracting STDs or from unwanted pregnancy.
But condom won’t be enough for you to save yourself from COVID 19. Remember, Social distancing and Sex never go hand in hand. So be alert. Safety should be a Way of life and Safe Sex ensures it.

Tip #2.

Hygiene… Highly crucial!!

Hygiene practices are not only limited for sex, Keep doing it to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and secure. When it comes to Sex, Sex should begin and end with hygiene. Pre corona or post corona, hygiene practices is the thump rule. Always
Keep your body clean and tidy, and of course, private body parts should be given utmost care. Proper hygiene not only ensures your safety but also keeps you and your partner happy, as you both can indulge more in sexual activities without any hesitation.

Tip #3.

Boost Immunity for Sex and Life.

Immunity is the main concern people have during this pandemic. Keep your immunity intact to keep you safe and protected. Better immunity helps you to stay fit for sex and life. How can you boost your immune system?

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Sleep well
  • Proper Exercise
  • Keep hydrated
  • Stressless

Along with these try to include sex in your routine which helps to relieve stress and also is an excellent form of exercise. In fact, Engaging in Sexual activities help to build a strong Intimacy between partners.

Tip #4.

Social distancing v/s Emotional balancing.

Social distancing is the new pattern of life, that we all experience in this pandemic time. Actually, during this time we understood or realised the real value or importance of ‘ touch’ in our life. We come to know how these touches affect our physical, mental and emotional well being. Sexual foreplay’s is all about touches, cuddling, kisses, hugs, pampering and what not. But for many, foreplay’s were of least importance in their sexual life.

Now during this post Corona period, value all those kisses, hugs, and touches in our life, which was the real building blocks of our emotional well being. Let your lovemaking be filled with too much of foreplays. This will definitely help you to bring back your emotional balancing and intimacy with your partner and will make your relationship stronger and firmer.

Tip #5. sex tips for relationship

Learn to live with the virus but not with Sexual crisis.

This virus will never go from this world…then what’s the option?… nothing but smart enough to learn to live with this virus with the help of Mask and Soap. And what’s your stand on the Sexual crisis you are facing. Did you opt to learn to live with that sexual crisis forever Or to Unmask it and Hope for a better tomorrow???…

We’re in a New Normal, let’s embrace it but embarrassing your partner with unsatisfied sex is no more Normal. Whatever be your Sexual worries and problems it needs a perfect solution, and we assure you the perfect solution.

Stay safe and Sex more .. Uphold all those moments in the treasure chest of your heart.

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