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Best Sexologist in Kottayam Idukki Thodupuzha

Men’s Sexual Wellness Care Center – Treatment for all SEXUAL Disorders

Sexologist in Kottayam Idukki Thodupuzha – Dr Rana’s SEXUAL Clinic focuses primarily on the total SEXUAL WELLNESS of a person. Erection, Ejaculation or other Sexual issues are only Symptoms resulted from some underlying Health conditions. Eradicating the Disease by finding out and treating the Real reason gives you the permanent cure and elevates you to a complete Sexual Wellness state.

SAFE HERBAL MEDICINES FOR SEXUAL DISORDERS by Sexologist in Kottayam Idukki Thodupuzha

We have set the benchmark of excellence among the sexologist of the country through our Customized 100% safe (organic) and fast working herbal medicines.

We administer organic medicines extracted from Herbs which was traditionally used for complex Sexual problems.

All our medicines are 100% safe, effective and more importantly with no side effects which can be used by people of any age and health conditions. Discuss your health conditions with our sexologist.

Why Dr Rana’s?

60 years of Legacy – Dr Rana’s Since 1960
Authentic & Effective HERBAL Remedy for Men’s SEXUAL disorders
Experienced & Trusted Sexologist Doctors
Body – Mind approach for Sexual Healing
Direct / Chat / Email / Online / Tele / Video – CONSULTATION
English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Urdu – Languages we speak

Dr Rana’s Medical Hall
Surya Guest Line, Thirunakkara Temple,
Thekkenada (South End)
Near Sri Rangom Auditorium,
Kottayam, Kerala 686001
Mobile (Call for appointment
) – +918848511462

Monday11 am – 7:30 pm (Hours might differ due to COVID-19)
Tuesday11 am – 7:30 pm (Hours might differ due to COVID-19)
Wednesday11 am – 7:30 pm (Hours might differ due to COVID-19)
Thursday11: 30 am – 7:30 pm (Hours might differ due to COVID-19)
FridayOnly on an appointment basis

We have the permanent and reliable Treatment for Erection, Ejaculation and other sexual abnormalities

We treat:

Dangerous STDs need a permanent cure. We have the ultimate care and cure for STDs

Treatments for:

Direct – Walk-in / Online/ Chat / Tele call / Video Consultation

Walk-in consultation: You can directly consult our sexologist Doctors in clinic centres Ernakulam/ Kochi, Kottayam, Thrissur and Alappuzha, Kerala India. Please remember to take an appointment before reaching.

Free Online consultation: Click and Fill the form to avail a FREE consultation. After studying your health case, our sex consultant will revert back.

The quickest and simplest way – Tele – Video Consultation.
The best and fast way to attain our services for your sex-related issues and worries is TELE call or video call. Fix an appointment@ to get a convenient time.

Customized treatment plans for patients.

First and foremost, we concentrate on overall sexual wellness by understanding the root cause of the problem. After a thorough check-up, we decide the customized treatment plan exclusively for the patient. We are Crafting Sexual Healthcare Since 1960 with the divine touch of Unani.

We can proudly say that we’re the best, renowned and eminent sexologist of Kottayam. Kottayam is the land of letter, lakes and of course latex. Kottayam is a beautiful district of Kerala bordered by Pathanamthitta district on the south, Alappuzha district on the west, Ernakulam district on the north and finally Idukki district on the east. Sexologist in Kottayam Idukki Pathanamthitta

Gratitude to Kottayam from Kerala’s best Sexologists team, Dr Rana Medical Hall!

Moreover, we are always grateful to this land and people here for accepting us as the best sexologist team of Kerala. People here understood the Dior need for safe sexual practitioners and welcomed as wholeheartedly.

Best sexologist in town

In fact, we started our first official clinic at Ernakulam in 1960. Soon, Since then, we grew as the best sexologist of Ernakulam. After attaining lots of goodwill and satisfied clients from Ernakulam and nearby places we spread our wings to Kottayam 15 years back. Thus a unit of Roy Medical Hall, now Dr Rana’s Medical Hall the pioneers of Sexual Health in India started nearby famous Thirunakkkara temple in Kottayam.

Best sexologist of Kottayam and nearby places.

Subsequently, We became the best sexologist of Kottayam. Not to mention, we have recognized by people in and around Kottayam, especially Kumarakom, Kanjikkuzhi, Meenachil also recognized us. Kodimatha, P.D.Hills, Athirampuzha., Sooryakaladi Hills, S.H.Mount and also many other places namely The Kottayam Medical College area, Homoeo College, Gandhinagar Kurichy, Mannanam, Manarcadu Puthupally, Aruvithura Thazhathangadi, Athirampuzha.

undoubtedly, mouth publicity helped as to grow as the most trustworthy and reliable Sexologist of Kerala.

Apart from the ads we gave, the main media of publicity we got was mouth publicity as well. Our patients spread the good word about us. As a result, It helped the widespread of our goodwill like the most trustworthy and reliable sexologist of Kerala as well.

Famous Sexologist in Kottayam Idukki Thodupuzha for Penile enhancement Treatment

We have the most effective treatment for Penile Health issues and ofcourse, Penile enhancement. The happy clients of our clinic helped us to spread our fame to other parts of Kottayam district as well, namely Kuravilangad, Changanacherry, Pala, Vaikom, Kanjirapally, Pariyaram, Thalayolaparambu, Kapad, Vadavathoor, Thiruvarppu, Thalayazham, Chempu, Kaduthuruthy and also many other places like Kottayam Villages, Pallom, Pampady, Mutholy, Poonjar, Erattupetta, Kidangoor, Olesha, Neerpara, Nattakam, Thekkumthala, Mattakkara, places near Indo American Brain Research Institute, Chemmanakari as well.

Best Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Kottayam

Moreover, Clients started to visit us even from many famous tourist spots of Kottayam namely Kumarakom, Elaveezhapoonchira, Kurisumala, Wagamon, Erumeli, Panachikkad, Kumaranalloor, Pakkil, Pallipurathukavu Adithyapuram, Thiruvarppu, Kidangoor, Perunna, Devalokam., Bharananganam as well.

Acclaimed Sexologist of Pathanamthitta district and nearby places.

People of nearby districts also loved us. Moreover, we have acclaimed as the Best Sexologist of Pathanamthitta district as well, which include Kozhencherry, Adoor, Thiruvalla, Ranni, Mallappally. We are always humbled by the love and support of Pathanamthitta bestowed upon us.

Well, Known sexologist of Kerala.

We played a significant role in maintaining the sexual health of the people of Kerala and gradually emerged as the well-known sexologist of Kerala.

Our Sexual clinics in Kerala.

Our clinics are at Kochi, Kottayam, Thrissur, Alappuzha, Angamaly. Moreover through online consultation, we treat patients worldwide as well.

Best and Eminent sexologist of the country.

We have the best Sexologist of the Country equipped with vast experience and knowledge and with the best herbal medicines that will definitely work for all sexual disorders and problems.

Effective TREATMENT for Premature Ejaculation in Kottayam DISTRICT

In deed, we are the best sexologist of, Achickal, Akalakunnam, Amalagiri, Amayannoor, Amparanirappel, Anchery, panchayat and Andoor. Also, our patients are from Anicad (Kottayam), Anthinad and Anthiyalam.

Areekara. Arpookara Panchayat and Arumanoor are also our client areas.

Moreover, we have clients from Athirampuzha, Ayamkudy, Ayarkunnam and Aymanam. Bharananganam. Champakara. Furthermore, we have clients from Changanassery, Chanjody Cheeranchira and Chemmalamattom. In fact, we have satisfied clients from, Chemmanathukara, Chempu, Chenappady, Chengalam and Chengalam East.

Firstly Chengalam South, Chennadu, Cherpunkal, Cheruvally and Chethipuzha.

Secondly, Chingavanam Chirakkadavu Cholathadam Choondacherry and Chovoor.

Thridly, Edakadathy, Edakkunnam, Edamattom, Edayarikkapuzha and Elackad.

Also, Elamgulam Elamkadu Elappunkal Elikkulam Eravinalloor Erumeli North Erumeli South Erumely Ilaveezha Poonchira and Inchiyani. Moreover, Kadanad, Kadaplamattom Kadappoor, Kadayanickadu and Kaduthuruthy. Furthermore, Mannar, Kaipuzha, Kalaketty, Kalathukadavu, Kalikave and Kallara. Kanakkary, Kanam, Kanamala, Kangazha and Kanjikkuzhi are also in our list. Finally, Kanjirathanam, Kappadu, Kappumthala and Karimpany. To add on, Karukachal, Katappattor, Keezhoor and Kezhuvamkulam. Also, Kidangoor, Kizhaparayar, Kochu Road and Kodungoor. To sum up, Kollappally, Kondoor, Koodalloor and Koorali. Not to mention, we have clients from Kooroppada, Koothrapally, Koottickal and Koovappally. Also, Koruthodu, Kothala, Kothanalloor, Kozhikombu, Kozhuvanal, Kudakkachira and Kulasekharamangalam.

BEST Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) TREATMENT in Kumarakom by famous Sexologist in Kottayam Idukki Thodupuzha

Firstly, Kumarakom, Kumaranalloor, Kummanam, Kunnonny and Kuravilangad.

Secondly, Kurichithanam, Kurichy, Kurumulloor, Kuruvamoozhy and Kuzhimattom.

Thirdly, Lakkattoor, Lalam, Madathiparambu, Madukka and Mallikassery. Also, Malloossery, Mammood, Mampathy, and Manathoor.

Moreover, Manimala, Manjoor (village), Mannackanad and Marangattupilly.

Furthermore Marangoly, Maravanthuruthu, Mathumoola and Mattakkara.

Sexologist Doctors near you

Firstly, Pattathipara, Meenachil, Meenadom, Melukavu and Memury.

Secondly, Monippally, Moonnilavu, Mukkoottuthara, Mulakulam and Mundakayam.

Thirdly, Mundathanam, Mutholy,Muttambalam and Muttuchira. Moreover, Naduvile, Narianganam, Nedumkunnam, Nedungadappally and Neeloor. Also, Neendoor, Nellithanathumala, Njeezhoor North, uttanad and Paika. Moreover, Paippad, Palackattumala, Pallickathode, Pallom and Panachikkad. Furthermore, Panackapalam, Panakkachira, Panamattom, Pandavam and Panthathala. To add on, Parathodu, Pathampuzha, Pathamuttom and Pattithanam. Also, Payyappaddy, Peroor, Perumbaikad, Perumpanachy and Perunilam. To conclude, Perunna, Peruva, Pinnakkanadu and Pizhaku.Also, Plassanal, Podimattom, Poonjar, Poovarany and Poozhikol. To sum up, Pothanpuram, Pothy, Puliyannoor, Punchavayal and Puthuvely. Finally, Puzhavathu, Sreekandamangalam, Teekoy, Thalanadu, Thalappalam and Thalayazham.

BEST Erectile Dysfunction TREATMENT Thalayolaparambu

Firstly, Thampalakad, Thengana, Thiruvarpu and Thottackad.

Secondly, Thrikkodithanam, Ullanadu, Urulikunnam, Uzhavoor and Vadakkemuri.

Thirdly, Vadayar, Vagamon, Vakathanam, Valavoor, Vallakam and Vallichira. Moreover, Vandanpathal, Vayala, Vazhappally, Vazhappally Padinjaru, Vazhoor and Vechoor. Furthermore, Vedhagiri, Veliyannoor, Vellavoor and Vellilappally. Finally, Velloor, Veroor, Vettikkattumukku, Vijayapuram Grama Panchayat, Villoonni, Vizhikkithodu and Yendayar.

BEST Premature ejaculation TREATMENT in IDUKKI:

We are available for you at Udumbanchola, Thodupuzha, Peeruma, Vagamon and Adimali. Also Edamaruku, Idukki township, Kalayanthani and Kattappana. Moreover, Kodikulam, Kumily, Marayoor and Munnar. Moreover, Murickassery, Muthalakodam, Muttukadu, Nedumkandam and Painavu. Furthermore, Parathode, Peermade, Puttady, Senapathy village, Suryanelli and Thekkady.

BEST Penile Enhancement TREATMENT by sexologist in kottayam idukki Thodupuzha

Vagavurrai Vandiperiyar Vazhithala Aanakkulam Alacode, Anakkara (Idukki) Anavilasam Anaviratty Anchuruli Arakkulam Ayyappancoil Bison valley Chakkupallam Chathurangapara Chemmannar Chilavu Chinnakanal Chittampara Civil Station, Idukki

Best ED treatment available for people of Devikulam

Edamalakudy, Elappally Elappara Ellakkal Idinjimala K. Chappathu Kandakkadavu Karkoonthal Kambilikandam Kanchiyar Kanjikuzhi Kanjikuzhy Kannambadi, Idukki Kannan Devan Hills Kanthalloor Kanthippara Karikkode (village) Karimannoor Karimkunnam, Karunapuram Kathipara,

Premature ejaculation Treatment for people of Munnar

Keezhanthoor Kochera Kokkayar Konnathady Kottakamboor Kozhimala Kudayathoor Kumily Kunchithanny Kuninji Kuttikkanam Kuzhikandom Mailacompu Manakkad Manjumala Mankulam (Kerala) Mannamkandam Manathara Marykulam Mathamba Melechinnar Mlappara Moolamattom Moongapara Muttom, Thodupuzha Neyyassery Pachady Padamugham Pallivasal Paloorkavu Pampadumpara Pampupara Pandippara Pasuppara Pazhampillichal Perumpillichira Peruvanthanam Poopara Pothupara Pottankad Puliyanmala Pullikkanam Purapuzha Rajakkad Rajakumari,

We have successfully treated PATIENTS with sexual disorders from these areas as well

Rajamudy Ramakkalmedu Santhanpara Sulthankada Thankamany Thenathoor Thookkupalam Thopramkudy Udumbannoor Upputhara Upputhode Urkkad Vandamattom Vandanmedu Vannappuram Vathikudy Vattavada Vellaramkunnu Vellathuval Velliyamattom Thodupuzha Muttom Gandhi Square Sri Krishna temple, Thodupuzha Dhanwanthari Junction Dharmoo’s Fish Hub St.Mary’s Forane Church, Chunkom Manakkad Jn, Karikode Nainar Juma Masjid, Karikode Devi Temple Manakkad Narasimha Swami Temple Kanjiramattom Siva Temple Newman College Kanjiramattom Junction St.Mary’s Church Nediyasala Devikulam Anaviratty Kannan Devan Hills Kanthalloor Keezhanthoor Kottakamboor Kunjithanny Mankulam Mannamkandam Marayoor Pallivasal Vattavada Vellathooval Edavetty, Chalamkode, Vengalloor, Todupulai, Kumaramangalam, Elamdesam Block, Lalam Block, Muvattupuzha Block, Uzhavoor Block

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