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‘Sexual Breakdowns during Lockdown’, Is that the symptoms of sexual problems?

Sexual Breakdowns during Lockdown

SEXUAL BREAKDOWNS DURING LOCKDOWN – Unexpected lockdown changed lives. No hurry, no outing, no meetings, no fooding nothing.… Sitting home and spending time with family. During this time we all experience a new way of life, many positive and negative things.

Coming to the point, Did this Unexpected lockdown, anyway, helped you to understand/realise the power and potential you have in lovemaking?

If you have utilised this time effectively and efficiently, Indeed, your answer would be ‘yes’!… Now, learn from the outcome! In fact, it’s time to review your performance and intimacy.

  • Are you completely satisfied with your performance?
  • Do you think you have some problem or something hinders you from getting a complete satisfaction?
  • Are you completely fed up/ confused with the Sexual Breakdowns during a lockdown?

You can’t blame time anyway!. Now time is Yours!… This can be a perfect time for enjoyment but what if, it’s of no use and furthermore, making you tensed because of your low libido and capacity while trying for a play. It’s heartbreaking when you find that things are going worse than before.

Do you really have a sexual problem?

Well !, Below stated are some of the common symptoms of sexual problems in men. Go through! and find out what’s happening with you.

Symptoms of sexual problems in men.

First and foremost, Lack of sexual desire or low libido or low interest in any sexual activity.

  • Do you face a low sex drive?
  • Many people have a problem with their sex drive. But why?
  • This may be the result of low testosterone.
  • But that alone is not the reason for low libido.
  • Stress, depression, and some medical illnesses etc can very well affect your sex drive.

Secondly, Erection related issues:

Proper erection is the weapon for sex, ‘Quality erection completes Sex’

Some symptoms of erection related issues/ Erectile Dysfunction are listed below.

  • Inability to get or maintain ‘any’ erection.
  • Inability to have or maintain a quality erection which is sufficient for sexual penetration.
  • During foreplay you Get an erection, but when trying to enter erection vanishes.
  • Able to enter after the foreplay’s BUT unable to sustain the power of erection for strokes till you and your partner reach satisfaction.
  • Inability to regain the power of erection for another TRY after a foul play that happened because of erection issues.
  • Difficulty in keeping the erection throughout the play.

Please note that erection problems in men are common and so there is no need to get worried about that. But if your problem persists and you think it’s creating a problem in your sexual life, for instance, your partner is pointing out that or complaints about it then, undoubtedly it’s time to take care of it.

Another major symptom of sexual problems in men is related to Ejaculation.

When you think about the ejaculation problems, Premature Ejaculation heads the list.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculations are :

  • Unable to control the timing of orgasm and ejaculation.
  • Ejaculations happen during foreplay itself, even before entering and as a result Erection lost and play ceased.
  • Ejaculation happens just after entering, even before some good strokes and ends up there, without any satisfaction for both.
  • Ejaculations happen at a very early stage of sexual activity, after ‘some’ strokes. As a result, the erection is lost and is Unable to stroke further and obviously, the other partner is not satisfied.
  • Difficulty in getting back to action, when your partner needs more.

It’s quite obvious that your partner craves another session especially when the first attempt is failed. But unfortunately, you are unable to resume the play.

These are some of the common symptoms of sexual problems in men. There can be other symptoms as well, indeed it depends on person to person. If you find any such issues, discuss your problems and symptoms with us.

Psychological impacts of sexual issues.

The main problem with almost all people with some sort of sexual issues
is that they think, it’s just a small issue and will be solved by itself. In the beginning, People are very confident about themselves. Every passing day, their motto is ‘better luck next time’ for a better play. But, when failure episode continues, it’ll definitely affect the mental state of that person.

They lose their confidence, interest and of course, will be stressed. Certainly, stress worsens the person’s sexual problems, because stress is the biggest ‘enemy’ of Sex and needless to say, it’ll eventually end up in total disasters.

If you realise that there is a Sexual problem, which affects your performance and quality of erection, then don’t wait for an eternity to solve it. A sexual problem is not a Sin. But many are sceptical about it. It’s like any other ailments that need to be treated and cured. Sex is the backbone of the marital relationship.

Many men experience a problem with sexual activities from time to time. However, when the problems are persistent, they can cause distress for the man and his partner and obviously, have a negative impact on their relationship.
If you consistently experience sexual function problems, address it without any hesitation and see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.

Believe us!, Sexual problems are easily curable than you think.

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