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Sex After 50: Everything You Should Know

It is a misconception that older people lose interest in sex. According to studies, people have active sex lives in their later years. Moreover, it has been proved that more than half of the people above the age of 70 are sexually active. At the same time, sex after 50 is not so pleasant because of the physical limitations, lifestyle diseases, menopause, etc. But, these are certainly not so big reasons to halt your lovemaking! Here are the most important things you should know about sex after 50 according to the best sexologist doctors in Kerala.

Sex After 50: Everything You 
Should Know

It’s Good For You

Sex has many benefits for your health. According to experts, staying sexually active in older ages is not only good for your physical health but it’s also good for your mental health. Sex boosts mood and lowers stress besides increasing your emotional connection.

Certain Positions Are Safer

Sex is physically demanding, and your favorite moves may put stress on your body after 50. Thus, sexologists suggest positions that utilize larger muscle groups, like spooning, missionary, and doggie style. Basically, you ought to acknowledge your limitations and take things slow.

Softer Sex after 50

Yes, we are talking about the penis. It is natural not to have the strongest erections after a certain age. But it doesn’t mean that the man is not feeling the desire. Moreover, you could have nocturnal emissions or Nightfalls. You can take the help of Ayurvedic medicine for sexual weakness for better sex after 50. Also, you could go for an effective penile enhancement treatment that will help you get back the lost strength.

More Sexual Freedom (sex after 50)

Just like wine, sex gets better with age! While you grow older, you can settle into your body without fears and inhibitions. According to sexologists, women are often concerned with sexual performance in their youth. But after the 50s, they understand more about their bodies, and the sex becomes great!

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How consistency in Vaginal Intercourse Aids Relationship?

How consistency in Vaginal Intercourse Aids Relationship?

Sex, undoubtedly the most beautiful feeling in this universe. However, according to our Indian culture, it’s easily accessible mostly to married couples. But unfortunately many couples ‘take it for granted’ without enjoying it to the fullest. Of course, there are couples who try Vaginal intercourse after many weeks or even months or years. Undoubtedly, Consistency in Vaginal Intercourse aids relationship between partners.

In fact, Sex alone is not the factor for determining the happiness in your life but sex, definitely plays a very important role in bringing positivity and happiness in your life.

Why consistency matters in sexual life?

Consistency is the key for a better Quality Sex-life. Moreover, more the consistency better the performance. Let us evaluate some benefits of having consistency in Vaginal Intercourse in your love life.

1. Consistency and intimacy:-


Firstly, Sex plays a very crucial role in creating and maintaining intimacy in a partnership. Studies show that Partners who are active in a healthy sexual life is much more attached and happy than sexually inactive couples. When partners are not active or inconsistent in sex life, there is a high chance to develop intimacy issues between partners. How about beautiful foreplay which ends in an enchanting Vaginal Intercourse?. It definitely works for your intimacy!!…

2. Be consistent to save your health.

Yes…Sex gives you health. Isn’t it amazing??..but how? Sex is the best exercise for keeping you healthy and happy. It’s undoubtedly the most soulful type of exercise because it’s an Exercise with enjoyment and Without boredom. Be regular!! is the first and foremost rule in exercise for best results, Same here.

3. Consistency in Sex is your responsibility.

Different People have different moods and likings. There are people who love to do vaginal intercourse every day. If your partner falls in that category, and you are not consistent, how distressed your partner will be!!. If not daily, some need it often. So, Be responsible. Ensure that your partner is getting what they really want. Making your partner happy is the key to a peaceful life, don’t you agree??..

4. Mindful sex for your mind and soul.

Sex relieves your stress and keeps your mind positive and active. It helps to keep your spirits high. Vaginal Intercourse is truly a pleasure zone for you and your partner. Getting relieved from stress and anxiety and helping you to get good sleep and positivity is a big deal in today’s stressful life. So why not grab that opportunity by simply being consistent in your love life.

5. Consistency and sexual health :

If you are facing any sort of sexual weakness, then consistency should be your primary focus. Not convinced??..yes if you face some issues with sex life…do consistent..See the results.. Thanks later!!.

For instance, if you have ejaculation issues then do try Vaginal intercourse regularly. In the course of time, your chance of untimely ejaculation reduces.

A person who is consistent in his sexual life has less chance of getting affected by sexual problems. Practice makes a man perfect, this theory works here also. Practice more to make your Sex-life perfect.

Are you facing troubles in your sex life?

Regular vaginal intercourse helps to keep many Sexual issues at bay. But Sometimes, even if you want to do more, you are unfortunately unable. Active Sex-life is sometimes difficult or impossible due to the troubles in physical or psychological conditions. Don’t succumb to sexual failures, Get it addressed by our sexologist and Be consistent in your love life because consistency does matter.

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Sex power tablets for men

Sex power tablets for aged men can help you to lead a successful sexual life like before by solving your sexual illness and stamina issues. Let’s see how ageing affects the sexual life of a man and how to tackle it smartly.

Is age just a number in your sex-life? “There are two sides to every coin”, …

How many of you agree to this? One side or negative aspects of ageing is that

Many gets succumb to ageism and cripple in their sexual life because of physical incapability or psychological insecurities. Age obviously is non-stoppable, it definitely brings changes in one’s health and spirits. As you get older, you have to face low energy level, disabilities, hormonal changes, performance anxieties …, YES! Many factors can be a hinder to successful sexual life. But pausing sex-life is not the right move, Think about the other side of the coin — the positive side of ageing. (because your outlook matters.)

Sex power tablets for aged men to TACKLE your SEX-LIFE issues

How to tackle your sex Life as you get older?

Older you get, greater is your life experience, sex-life is no less different. Be confident and learn from the experience of your sex-life, hurdles and obstacles you faced, evaluate your positives and negatives and emerge to a better ‘YOU’.

As you age, you may face many Sexual disorders and abnormalities in your life. Ageing may affect your overall sexual wellness as well. Sex power tablets for aged men help to solve all your issues related to sexual health safely and effectively and also helps to maintain your stamina and sexual well-being.

Erection issues in aged men

It’s quite obvious that your erection power won’t be the same like before. Its because your testosterone levels is decreasing and it’ll alter your sexuality. You may need more stimulation for getting and maintaining an erection than before. And you may struggle to get an erection after ejaculation.

But if you find a drastic change in sexual power, you need to consult a sexologist for regaining the lost charm in your sexuality. Erectile Dysfunction curable and affordable treatment can be a safe and secured way to treat your erection issues naturally.

Ejaculation issues in aged men

As men age, Another major issue they face is the abnormalities in ejaculation. You may experience an early Ejaculation issue and of course, some experience delayed ejaculation as well. Less semen will be ejaculated and In fact with less force.
Even though these changes are inevitable, you can still enjoy the essence of Sex in your life. Best Premature Ejaculation treatment by Our senior sexologist can be your saviour.

Penile shrinkage solved through sex power tablets for aged men

Another harrowing change you may face is your Penis size shrinkage. As you age, testosterone production reduces which will, in turn, affect your Penis size. Also, fatty deposits in arteries, block the easy flow of blood in your body and obviously to Penis as well. This makes penis muscles weak and results in Penis shrinkage. This, of course, affects your erection power as well. Safe, non-surgical and Effective Penile Enhancement treatment can be a great solution for Penile size issues.

Sexual desire issues in aged men

As you age, production of testosterone is reduced. Less libido or less sexual desire is another disgusting after effects of ageing. You should find ways to find it attractive and interesting. You can consult our Senior Sexologist Doctors directly or through online tele video consultation and discuss openly and freely about your issues.

Sexual modifications along with sex power tablets for aged men

Some modifications in sexual activities help the betterment of sexual performance and stamina. Sex power tablets for aged men along with this modification gives you amazing results

Sex Positions for aged men

Don’t get disheartened if your ageing, nor hold on to ‘youthism’, embrace it positively for a rewarding sexual life. Your attitude towards sexuality will no longer be the same as before. Instead of quickies and wild, you will start enjoying intimacy and emotional touches.

Get yourself accustomed to postures that help for better performance and better timing, without straining much. Talk to your partner openly and freely. If you have any pain or difficulty or some stamina issues in doing certain positions, change to easy one’s. Your life partner is definitely the one who can help you more. Try to avoid encounters with new partners, unless you’re comfortable.

More foreplays and afterplays for better sex

As you age, you will get more tension-free leisure time, Enjoy your sex-life with your partner by spending more time for foreplay and after plays, it will definitely increase the intimacy and decrease the loneliness and boredom of life. It’ll also help you to stimulate you for better sex drive and timing.

Keep moving to keep it hard

Being active in sexual life is the best exercise you can get, which definitely slows down the ageing, keeping you active, happy, confident, relaxed and whatnot.

Keep in mind, good health care supports better sex, even in ageing. Keep an eye on your diet, lead an active lifestyle, quit bad habits and sedentary lifestyle. Let the years come in, But don’t allow it to get inside your spine and brain.

Stay positive and active, and then ask yourself is age just a number in your sex life. Still, in doubt about ageism and sex???.. No worries…

Connect with us and we will guide you to get over all your confusions and troubles.

Safety comes before everything, even before Sex. Don’t go behind instant stamina boosters or Viagra-like sexual pills for making it hard and firm. It’s dangerous to your health and wellness.

Talk openly and freely about all your health conditions, health problems, sexual worries and tensions to our senior sexologist who are well versed and experienced in handling senior sex issues. You will get the safest and effective cure possible, that too naturally!

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