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Male Infertility: Major Causes And Treatments

Male infertility is defined as a condition when a man cannot make his partner pregnant even after frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for a year or longer. Fertility problems aren’t your fault, and it is faced by almost one in ten couples trying for a child. Find out everything you need to know about Male Infertility Causes And Treatments

Fortunately, there are many safe and effective treatments that significantly improve the chances of pregnancy. Let us look into the major causes and treatments for the condition, opined by our male infertility doctor in Kerala.

Male Infertility Major Causes And Treatments


In order to conceive, all the steps during the fertilization have to happen correctly. And, in about one-third cases of infertility, the issue is with the man. The cause of this issue can be hereditary, illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices, etc.

Here are some of the major causes of male infertility:

  • Genetic defects or abnormal sperm production due to undescended testicles. Also, enlarged veins in the testes can affect the quality of sperm.
  • Using alcohol, marijuana, steroids, or cigarette smoking.
  • Taking medicines for high blood pressure, depression, or bacterial infections.
  • Genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis or structural problems such as a blockage in the testicle.
  • Damage due to cancer and its treatment. Radiation therapy or chemotherapy can impair sperm production.
  • Regular exposure to heat can raise body temperature which in turn could affect sperm production.
  • Excessive exposure to environmental factors like radiation, pesticides, or chemicals.



The treatment for male infertility depends on the above-mentioned causes. A good sexologist who specializes in men’s sexual health and treatment can help you by advising proper drugs. You can also get guidance on effective penile enhancement treatment. Thus, you will be able to get your partner pregnant through normal sex.

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5 Reasons to Visit a Sexologist

Many men of various age groups might be facing sexual disorders. Still, there is ample of hesitation in their minds that stops them from consulting an expert sexologist for sexual problems.

Sexologist for sexual problems

In this article, let us figure out the Top 5 significant reasons to visit a sexologist:

1.   The Expert Sexologists Offer the Best Treatments for A Variety of Sexual Disorders:

You need to consult the expert sexologist for various sexual problems such as:

  • The best premature ejaculation treatment
  • The experts make erectile dysfunction curable and affordable through trusted remedies.
  • They offer consultation for many other sexual disorders

Thus, you can get solutions for a wide range of sexual disorders in one place.

2.   The Expert Sexologists are Easy to Access Today:

It is quite easy to access expert sexologists in the modern digital era. You can consult the sexologist with extensive experience and expertise for the best premature ejaculation treatment online today. Moreover, you can access the sexologists and get the required consultancy and treatment online, through their reputed online services.

3.   The Experts Offer the Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment:

Ideally, for the best experience, ejaculation should occur when both the partners reach the peak of their orgasm. still, some men ejaculate too early. Such men to get the best premature ejaculation treatment from the expert sexologist.

4.   They Execute Result-oriented and Affordable Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:

In fact, some men may be good at inducing a great amount of sexual desire and libido. Still, their organ doesn’t practically support this drive. It doesn’t erect in the necessary intensity and at the right time.

Now, the expert sexologists are making Erectile dysfunction curable and affordable. So, rather than relying on random remedies, it is advisable for the men facing this issue to consult the expert as soon as they can.

5.   The Expert Sexologists Diagnose and Treat with Proven Methods:

The professional sexologists operate from state-of-the-art clinics. Thereby, these places are equipped with all necessary test facilities for diagnosis.Thus, the expert sexologists carry out the best diagnosis and management of STD at their clinics. Indeed, the doctors have expertise in proven methodology like Ayurveda, Unani, and other most appreciated alternate medicines.

Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall offers the best doctors for sexual problems and healthy and effective Scientific Herbal, Unani, and Ayurvedic medicine with no side effects. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha. Online Tele/video consultation is also available for all your sexual problems.

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How do Sex Positions Help to Last Longer?

It is a fact that women take more time than men to become completely aroused and experience an orgasm. This can be a problem in your sex life. Many men go for sex enhancement pills online but don’t worry, there are solutions. There are certain sex positions for couples that will help men to delay their arousal and last longer in bed. Keep reading to find out.

How do Sex Positions help to Last Longer - Dr Rana's Medical Hall

The Spooning sex position for couples

To achieve this position, both the partners have to lay on their sides, facing the same direction. With the man behind, he can then penetrate gently and enjoy slow rocking motions. As this position has only shallow penetration, the man is much likely to last longer.

The Doggy sex position

If the normal doggy position excites the man too easily, there are some modifications that you can try. Start with the normal doggy position, where the woman stands in her hands and knees with her lover in the kneeling position behind her. Then, the woman can slowly lower her body during the penetration and can lay flat in the stomach. This will reduce the amount of stimulation and helps to last longer.


This a tricky position, but it’s worth it! The man should lay on his side facing the woman, while she is on her back with legs draped over his pelvis, perpendicular to his body. Once you are comfortable in the position, you can start the play. This position works as the man will have limited motion, which will delay his climax.

The Sitting Position SEX POSITION

This is a position you should try for the slow passion! The position involves the man sitting cross-legged with the woman sitting on the top. The woman will wrap arms and legs around him, to control the intimacy while gently enjoying the penetration. This position can offer a long session as it is slow.

If these sex positions for couples are not helping you so much to last longer, you may always go for and ayurvedic medicine for Sexual weakness that is safe and effective and does not have any side effects. Book your appointment for Tele/Video consultation with the best doctors for sexual problems in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha today!

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IS Sex Education Important? What is the Right Age for it?

Good quality sex education is really important for couples, teenagers, and young adults at present.  It will help them make smart decisions regarding sexual health and consent, as the hookup culture is becoming prevalent. Providing them with reliable information to protect themselves and their partners is our responsibility. The happy part is that there are many educational institutions that have made sex education a part of their curriculum to educate students with clear and accurate knowledge. The sad part is that the majority of schools and colleges have not followed suit.

Importance of Sex Education

Sex education covers broad topics like awareness on sexually transmitted infections, abstinence, the importance of respectful relationships, and the and the need for protection from pregnancy as well as infections. But like anything else, the present system of sex education for couples has good and bad sides to it. The good thing is that adolescents will gain accurate education on a crucial topic like sexual health.

The downside is that there is still a shortage of information in the syllabus, which is compensated by many sexual myths. Indeed, This is a bad practice that can affect their sex life. Therefore, following a comprehensive teaching method like authentic sex education by sex therapist Kerala on something as important as sex is very important.

What is the Right Age?

Before talking to children about sex and reproductive health, there are certain things parents should think of. Choosing the right age for it is one of the most important aspects. According to an Unani Sexologist, parents should begin sexual education as early as possible. It should ideally start at an age where children begin to embrace new environments. Start with the basics like teaching them the names of all body parts, what is appropriate, and what is not. You should continue it as they grow up. For more details on the topic, have an online session with the best sexologist doctors in Kerala. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha.

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