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Sex for Stress – 10 Health Benefits of Sex.

SEX FOR STRESS 10 Health Benefits of Sex.

1. S for Sex, Sex for Stress.

Sex is the best stress buster you can ever have. A good Sexual act will definitely calm you down and bring positivity to your life.

The endorphins, released during sexual activity and orgasms are your natural mood-boosters, stress relievers and pain relievers. Sex more… Stressless…

2. Sex for Sleep.

Have you ever wondered about the cosy sleep that you and your partner get after a satisfying session and wake-up refreshed, relaxed and positive?

A good session of lovemaking rewards you with a good session of sleep, indeed the best sleep you can get. This is because of the Prolactin hormone released after orgasm, that helps in relaxation and sleepiness. Good Sex for Good night’s…

3. Sex for Intimacy.

Lovemaking with hugs, kisses, pampering, cuddling and more helps to build a strong intimacy between partners. During foreplay and orgasm, the ‘love hormone’, Oxytocin and vasopressin help to relieve stress, depression and anxiety and helps to build a strong emotional bond between partners as you enjoy beautiful moments with your love. More sex will help you to increase your libido as well. In fact, You’ll crave for more and sex. More Intimate moments, more Intimacy!!..

4. Heart full Sex for your Heart.

Your heart loves sex, for both its health and happiness. Do it often to keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. Regular sex is good for the health of your heart as well. Do more, live long!!!

5. Sex for exercise.

Sex is good for your heart as well as for many muscles. Just like any form of exercise, Do it consistently for better results. You can avoid the boredom of usual exercises too…yes!! This is the best exercise you can ever think of, whether cardio or strength training, sex can be the best bet. Sex well, Stay well…

6. Sex for Immunity.

Sexually active people naturally get stronger immunity power than others. Sex, along with another good way of life helps to defend your body against germs, viruses, and other harmful intruders. Boost Sex, Boost immunity!!…

7. Sex for lowering blood pressure.

Good sex is always good for your body as it relieves stress and tension. Studies show that there is a definite link between sex and systolic blood pressure. Do more sex and reduce BP!!… isn’t that beautiful….

8. Watch out, ladies. 10 Health Benefits of Sex for stress

Good sex is very beneficial for both men and women. Apart from these benefits, women can gain more from sex. Orgasm is truly a Stressbuster and a pain reliever. But not even orgasm, vaginal stimulation too, can be a remedy for chronic back and leg pain. Also, genital self-stimulation can reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and even headache. Sex helps to improve bladder control, reduce incontinence, improve fertility, help to produce more vaginal lubrication, can protect you against endometriosis. Orgasm contracts the muscles there and it’s like an exercise for pelvic floor and makes it strong and firm. Ladies, Sex can Make-U-Up

9. Sex for Prostate cancer in men.

Prostate cancer nowadays is a major issue among men. What about controlling it with sex? A recent study showed that men who had more frequent penile-vaginal intercourse had less risk of developing prostate cancer. Men who ejaculate frequently have less chance to get cancer. So why wait, Do more, Riskless!!..

10. Sex the X factor of your life.

Sex is an important part of your life. It makes your life happy and healthy. Don’t limit sex, as a way for reproduction. Enjoy doing it every now and then and increase Intimacy and pleasure. It improves self-esteem and positivity of life. Sexual activities benefit emotional, psychological, social, physical as well as intellectual aspects of life. Benefits of sex are countless, Do it with full heart and soul, and leave out the headaches. Do more, Explore Life!!…

Are you struggling to find sex as your stress buster??

Stress not, our sexologist can help you to take that stress from your life and yes!! Start enjoying a stress- free Sex.

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How to express your love to your partner?

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean… How to express your love to your partner?

A brainstorming quote for the day…

Couples complain about missing intimacy in their life, both emotional and physical intimacy.

What might be the reason for this missing? First and foremost, You’re your best judge !!!. This never happens overnight, In fact, its the result of known and unknown ignorance that you make each and every day.

Think about the last time when you said ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’ to your partner, Can’t remember? Check out the below points that can help you to rebuild the intimacy of your life.

Respect your partner!!!.. Their feelings, their love, their time,… Respect indeed is a beautiful expression of Love…

Communication is key… Understand their need, their fantasies, their dreams,… Moreover, Let you be the person to whom they can rely on..always… 

Be affectionate!!.. Hug and kiss each other for no reason. Indeed, Greet and hug your partner when you go apart. 

Be passionate!!!.. Loving and flirting messages are certainly not for lovers alone, try and see how it works.

Possessiveness undoubtedly in any relationship is toxic, obviously it kills the intimacy after a certain limit.

Do give space to your partner, perhaps it actually helps to fill the space between you two. 

How to express your love to your partner?

Firstly, complement each other for every good deed. Don’t try to boss around, it irritates to the core. Mistakes make you human, deal with your partner’s mistakes with empathy. Don’t highlight the problems, highlight the solutions instead. Similarly don’t be judgmental or prejudice, talk to your partner with open heart,

Be kind and understand the situation in the right way. Celebrate your love!!!.. Celebrate life!!… Dating is obviously a good option to cherish memories and to spend some quality time together.

How can you expect a soulful Love-making, when that punch and pinch of love is missing in your daily life.?

Don’t pour your love when at bedroom alone… Express it every now and then .. Love needs to be expressed… hence every day matters .. every moment counts to make life more beautiful… yes!!.. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean…

When at the bed, know your partner’s needs and wants, do it selflessly, lovingly and emotionally… Are you missing the ‘soul of your life’? worry not…

We would help you to how to express your love to your partner?

Our sexologist can help you to Get your life back!!… Happy living!!! Tag line.. Relationships are forever

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