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Second Round Erection Problem


Sex is divine boon from God. Human beings draw physical and mental solace from sex. It drafts the future of his race and the pace of his life. But for umpteen number of couples, sexual dissatisfaction becomes a curse to their conjugal life. In contemporary world, divorces and separations seem to be recurring due to this sexual derailment. Many factors ranging from physiological to psychological can be cited as the reasons for this second round erection problem.

Lack of sexual action from the males is the pivotal cause of this. The physiological reasons can be erection issues, premature ejaculation, penile size issues, diseases caused by sexual transmission. Whereas the psychological issues are performance anxiety, lack of confidence, tensions etc. How we can overcome these situations is a key aspect of concern.

Second Round Erection Problem

Reasons why penis doesn’t gets hard after first trip?

Erection Issues

When a male arouses sexually, the penis becomes thicker and gets ready for vaginal penetration to fulfill sexual needs. But issues in erection push you back from it. Most often, this occurs in the second round of intercourse. The penis fails getting erection this time and your mate needs the second round. This results in sorrow and distress. The clinical reasons may be hormone issues, blood vessel problems and so many. But the psychological problems can be performance fear, anxiety, tension and so on. A clinical approach to its cure is very important
We, Dr. Rana’s, the pioneers in the treatment of sexual calamities, adhering to the curing techniques of AyurvedaUnani can help you to overcome this second round Erection problem completely, through the administration of herbal medicines and counselling sessions.

Premature Ejaculation

A major sexual illness, found even in young men is Premature Ejaculation. When a male is having sexual intercourse and before attaining sexual fulfilment, ejaculation happens. It repeats in second course and so on. This Ejaculation is far before than real orgasm. In this case also hormone and nerve issues are the possible reasons along with fear of performance, anxiety and tensions.

Dr Rana’s believe and execute the holistic approach of the Unani Ayurveda systems of medicine. A man with premature ejaculation can step into Dr Rana’s to get the stringent administration of herbal medicines and application of counselling therapy which helps to surpass this sexual illness.

Penile size

Penile size also pose as a great threat to the smooth sailing of sexual activity. Even young people has a false notion regarding the size of penis. Primarily size  of penis is not a prime concern in sexual happiness. But the size issue can cause mental breakdown which prevents him having good sex, a second time, even first time.
Dr. Rana’s puts in a customized treatment plan to sort out the issue. Herbal medicines rooted in strict Unani Ayurveda systems are prescribed to enhance the blood flow to the penis, thereby making the penile size bigger. Moreover strict counselling is envisaged by our expert sexologists to root out the mental agonies and tensions and put him back to rails to have sexual intercourse for a second time or more.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases stand as a great havoc in the functioning of a smooth conjugal life. These diseases can be transmitted through multiple partners sex or even from our own partners. They distort our skin texture, burns and scratches in internal tracts and finally end in sexual unhappiness

Dr Rana’s Ayurvedic Treatment for Second round Erection Problem

Dr Rana’s Medical Hall’s keen research for years reaped great results in erasing these diseases forever. Scientific combination of herbal medicines paved the way for the complete redressal of these sorrows

Therefore, patients with these sexual calamities who refrain from having sexual intercourse for a second time are wholeheartedly invited to Dr Rana’s, who with strict dedication, research and practice, make your life rejuvenated and rejoiced.

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Early Ejaculation – Why Unani Is The Best Treatment?

A satisfactory sexual life is the key to great peace of mind in your married life. Men face various sexual disorders including premature ejaculation. This disorder spoils the experience for both partners, as they might not reach orgasm. The men facing this issue need not worry. The expert sexologists in Kerala make Erectile dysfunction curable and affordable.

Premature Ejaculation - How Can Unani Help

Unani Based Treatment for Premature Ejaculation:

Relying on natural remedies to cure premature ejaculation would be better. You can consult expert sexologists in Kerala online to get Authentic Unani Sex Medicine. They conduct detailed diagnosis, and patient-centric Unani treatments at a reasonable cost.

In fact, experienced sexologists in Kerala offer the Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment to cure this disorder permanently.  Moreover, the benefits of Unani Medicines include:

  1. The natural herbs in Unani Medicine improve the blood flow to the penis.
  2. Unani Medicines increase sexual drive or libido among men.
  3. Unani Medicines reduce the chances of early ejaculation.
  4. Focuses on improving sexual stamina among men.
  5. Makes Erectile dysfunction curable

The Best Unani Treatment by Experts at Well-equipped Clinics:

You can avail Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment from experienced sexologists by booking an appointment online. furthermore, they operate from well-equipped clinics at Ernakulam, Kottayam, and Thrissur. So, after an initial consultation online, and booking an appointment, the expert doctors diagnose the sexual issues and decide on the line of treatment.

Authentic Unani Sex Medicine is result-oriented, affordable, and safe. Consequently, there would not be any chances of reactions and side-effects. Also, you would get the best results after completing the course as per the prescribed dosage and directives.

The expert sexologists offer comprehensive advice during the Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment. They provide valuable suggestions to embrace a healthy lifestyle and suggestions for suitable positions for satisfactory intercourse with the partner. So, consulting an expert sexologist would be your first step to a happy and healthy sex life.

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Sex After 50: Everything You Should Know

It is a misconception that older people lose interest in sex. According to studies, people have active sex lives in their later years. Moreover, it has been proved that more than half of the people above the age of 70 are sexually active. At the same time, sex after 50 is not so pleasant because of the physical limitations, lifestyle diseases, menopause, etc. But, these are certainly not so big reasons to halt your lovemaking! Here are the most important things you should know about sex after 50 according to the best sexologist doctors in Kerala.

Sex After 50: Everything You 
Should Know

It’s Good For You

Sex has many benefits for your health. According to experts, staying sexually active in older ages is not only good for your physical health but it’s also good for your mental health. Sex boosts mood and lowers stress besides increasing your emotional connection.

Certain Positions Are Safer

Sex is physically demanding, and your favorite moves may put stress on your body after 50. Thus, sexologists suggest positions that utilize larger muscle groups, like spooning, missionary, and doggie style. Basically, you ought to acknowledge your limitations and take things slow.

Softer Sex after 50

Yes, we are talking about the penis. It is natural not to have the strongest erections after a certain age. But it doesn’t mean that the man is not feeling the desire. Moreover, you could have nocturnal emissions or Nightfalls. You can take the help of Ayurvedic medicine for sexual weakness for better sex after 50. Also, you could go for an effective penile enhancement treatment that will help you get back the lost strength.

More Sexual Freedom (sex after 50)

Just like wine, sex gets better with age! While you grow older, you can settle into your body without fears and inhibitions. According to sexologists, women are often concerned with sexual performance in their youth. But after the 50s, they understand more about their bodies, and the sex becomes great!

Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall offers healthy and effective Scientific Herbal, Unani, and Ayurvedic medicine with no side effects. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha. Online and Tele/video consultation is also available for all your sexual problems.

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Male Infertility: Major Causes And Treatments

Male infertility is defined as a condition when a man cannot make his partner pregnant even after frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for a year or longer. Fertility problems aren’t your fault, and it is faced by almost one in ten couples trying for a child. Find out everything you need to know about Male Infertility Causes And Treatments

Fortunately, there are many safe and effective treatments that significantly improve the chances of pregnancy. Let us look into the major causes and treatments for the condition, opined by our male infertility doctor in Kerala.

Male Infertility Major Causes And Treatments


In order to conceive, all the steps during the fertilization have to happen correctly. And, in about one-third cases of infertility, the issue is with the man. The cause of this issue can be hereditary, illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices, etc.

Here are some of the major causes of male infertility:

  • Genetic defects or abnormal sperm production due to undescended testicles. Also, enlarged veins in the testes can affect the quality of sperm.
  • Using alcohol, marijuana, steroids, or cigarette smoking.
  • Taking medicines for high blood pressure, depression, or bacterial infections.
  • Genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis or structural problems such as a blockage in the testicle.
  • Damage due to cancer and its treatment. Radiation therapy or chemotherapy can impair sperm production.
  • Regular exposure to heat can raise body temperature which in turn could affect sperm production.
  • Excessive exposure to environmental factors like radiation, pesticides, or chemicals.



The treatment for male infertility depends on the above-mentioned causes. A good sexologist who specializes in men’s sexual health and treatment can help you by advising proper drugs. You can also get guidance on effective penile enhancement treatment. Thus, you will be able to get your partner pregnant through normal sex.

Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall offers healthy and effective Scientific Herbal, Unani, and Ayurvedic medicine with no side effects. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha. Online and Tele/video consultation is also available for all your sexual problems.

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What Is Hijama Cupping Therapy? How does it work?

Cupping Therapy (Hijama) is among the alternate medicine systems originated from China. It is also known as ‘Cupping’. Let us discuss this therapy in this article.

Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

What is Hijama Cupping Therapy?

In Hijama Cupping Therapy, the expert therapists put specially designed cups on the patients’ skin to create suction. This therapy has many special benefits including pain relief, minimizing inflammation, improving blood flow, and relaxation. Authentic Hijama Cupping Kerala specializes in addressing sexual disorders.

Types of cup therapy:

  • Dry cup therapy and
  • Wet cup therapy.

In wet cupping, the placement of cups is on specific points to create a vacuum. In addition, the experts make pricks on acupressure points and the cups create suction to suck toxins.

How Does Hijama Cupping Therapy Work for Sexual Problems?

Most of the sexual problems occur due to many physical and physiological disorders including unhealthy lifestyle, depression, work stress, feeling of guilt, heart problems, diabetes, and so on. Hijama Cupping Therapy helps to extract toxins from the patient’s body and thus treating sexual disorders.

The patients facing issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lowered sexual drive, and more can get Sex education by Sex therapist Kerala. The patients can obtain to the point information about the issues they are facing.

Thus, the Sexologist Ernakulam Kottayam Thrissur resolve the patient-specific queries and offer Hijama Cup Therapy to cure sexual disorders.

Expert Therapist in Kerala for Sexual Disorders:

The best sexologist doctors in Kerala have a significant presence in various locations like Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kottayam, Angamaly, and Alappuzha. They have well-equipped modern clinics. In fact, the sexologist has great experience and expertise in designing and executing Hijama Cup Therapy for sexual disorders. 

So, consult for Sex education by Sex therapist Kerala online and get the best Hijama Cup Therapy to lead a satisfactory sexual life. You can also book an appointment to meet the sexologist in any of the clinics across Kerala. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha. Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall offers healthy and effective Scientific Herbal, Unani, and Ayurvedic medicine with no side effects. Online and Tele/video consultation is also available for all your sexual problems.

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