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Second Round Erection Problem


Sex is divine boon from God. Human beings draw physical and mental solace from sex. It drafts the future of his race and the pace of his life. But for umpteen number of couples, sexual dissatisfaction becomes a curse to their conjugal life. In contemporary world, divorces and separations seem to be recurring due to this sexual derailment. Many factors ranging from physiological to psychological can be cited as the reasons for this second round erection problem.

Lack of sexual action from the males is the pivotal cause of this. The physiological reasons can be erection issues, premature ejaculation, penile size issues, diseases caused by sexual transmission. Whereas the psychological issues are performance anxiety, lack of confidence, tensions etc. How we can overcome these situations is a key aspect of concern.

Second Round Erection Problem

Reasons why penis doesn’t gets hard after first trip?

Erection Issues

When a male arouses sexually, the penis becomes thicker and gets ready for vaginal penetration to fulfill sexual needs. But issues in erection push you back from it. Most often, this occurs in the second round of intercourse. The penis fails getting erection this time and your mate needs the second round. This results in sorrow and distress. The clinical reasons may be hormone issues, blood vessel problems and so many. But the psychological problems can be performance fear, anxiety, tension and so on. A clinical approach to its cure is very important
We, Dr. Rana’s, the pioneers in the treatment of sexual calamities, adhering to the curing techniques of AyurvedaUnani can help you to overcome this second round Erection problem completely, through the administration of herbal medicines and counselling sessions.

Premature Ejaculation

A major sexual illness, found even in young men is Premature Ejaculation. When a male is having sexual intercourse and before attaining sexual fulfilment, ejaculation happens. It repeats in second course and so on. This Ejaculation is far before than real orgasm. In this case also hormone and nerve issues are the possible reasons along with fear of performance, anxiety and tensions.

Dr Rana’s believe and execute the holistic approach of the Unani Ayurveda systems of medicine. A man with premature ejaculation can step into Dr Rana’s to get the stringent administration of herbal medicines and application of counselling therapy which helps to surpass this sexual illness.

Penile size

Penile size also pose as a great threat to the smooth sailing of sexual activity. Even young people has a false notion regarding the size of penis. Primarily size  of penis is not a prime concern in sexual happiness. But the size issue can cause mental breakdown which prevents him having good sex, a second time, even first time.
Dr. Rana’s puts in a customized treatment plan to sort out the issue. Herbal medicines rooted in strict Unani Ayurveda systems are prescribed to enhance the blood flow to the penis, thereby making the penile size bigger. Moreover strict counselling is envisaged by our expert sexologists to root out the mental agonies and tensions and put him back to rails to have sexual intercourse for a second time or more.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases stand as a great havoc in the functioning of a smooth conjugal life. These diseases can be transmitted through multiple partners sex or even from our own partners. They distort our skin texture, burns and scratches in internal tracts and finally end in sexual unhappiness

Dr Rana’s Ayurvedic Treatment for Second round Erection Problem

Dr Rana’s Medical Hall’s keen research for years reaped great results in erasing these diseases forever. Scientific combination of herbal medicines paved the way for the complete redressal of these sorrows

Therefore, patients with these sexual calamities who refrain from having sexual intercourse for a second time are wholeheartedly invited to Dr Rana’s, who with strict dedication, research and practice, make your life rejuvenated and rejoiced.

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