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How Diabetes Affects The Sex Life Of Men And Women?

Diabetes And Its Effect On The Sex Life: Diabetes can impact numerous aspects of your life, including sexual health. When you have diabetes, your body cannot use insulin properly. Thus, it leads to high blood sugar levels. This can lead to several complications like nerve damage and cardiovascular problems. Diabetes can also impact your mental health and self-esteem, which in turn can affect your sexual functions. You would often feel tired, which can further lead to a variety of health concerns.

How Diabetes Affects The Sex Life Of Men And Women

Problems in Men

Diabetes and its effect on the sex life of men: Generally, men with diabetes have reduced testosterone levels, which affects their sex drive. The main sexual problem faced by men with diabetes is erectile dysfunction, the inability to achieve or maintain an erection.

Diabetes damages blood vessels, which affect blood flow to the penis, and for a man to achieve an erection, there must be significant blood flow to the penis. Type 2 diabetes often results in obesity, which too can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Problems in Women

Diabetes and its effect on the sex life of women: Diabetes can impact a woman’s sexual health by damaging the nerves that sense sexual stimulation. High blood sugar levels can cause nerve damage throughout the body, and in women, this could affect the ability to experience sexual pleasure and the release of vaginal lubricant.

These symptoms will result in painful sex and reduced ability to experience orgasm. This could affect her sexual health and can make sex more of an inconvenience than a pleasure. Moreover, diabetic women are more likely to struggle with infections like thrush, cystitis, and also infection of the urinary tract.

How to Improve Libido Through Medication?

It is proven that authentic Unani sex medicine is very effective in treating sexual issues related to Diabetes. An experienced best doctors for sexual problems can help you properly identify your issues and suggest the required solutions. Contact our Unani sex clinic in Kerala today to revive your sex life. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha. We currently provide online / tele-video consultation.

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5 Natural Remedies to Boost Your Sex Drive

Healthy sex life can lift your overall well-being. But sometimes even if you are attracted to your partner, your libido can play spoilsport by pulling you down. This can result in a tough situation and can even affect you mentally. Or sometimes you may feel so tired, stressed, or not in the mood constantly, and worse, you may not the reason. Don’t worry. Low sex drive is common, and there are several effective, natural remedies for best sex drive.

In another case, you may go into the bed with good interest but will suddenly feel a lack of interest. Your libido is in question during all these situations, while you know a Men’s sexual health and treatment can be the backbone of your overall well-being.

Best natural remedies to boost sex drive

Can You Actually Lift Libido Naturally?

So why not try out some natural remedies to boost your libido? While there are synthetic pills that coil help you gain back your interests, the all-natural route is always better. Herbal remedies that are rich in plant-based chemicals can be your solution. There are numerous remedies that can help you, and many may already be in your kitchen! Let’s look at some of them.


Fenugreek is a common ingredient in Indian food, besides, bring a popular natural remedy that boosts libido. Saponins found in Fenugreek play a role in increasing the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone.


The root of Ashwagandha is a popular ayurvedic medicine for sexual weakness. It stimulates sexual libido by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs. Ashwagandha root stimulates the production of nitric oxide and helps to increase blood flow to the genitals.


This alluring and precious spice can not only make your food delicious but also is an effective stimulant of sex drive. Just a couple of strands of saffron can boost your libido. Saffron is proved to be effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.


Nutmeg is popularly referred to as a “Viagra for women.” This popular kitchen spice is a very effective aphrodisiac. It contains 50% ethanolic extract which stimulates the nervous system and libido


Damiana plant is being used for centuries as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. It is a beneficial shrub that is also effective for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. It works by increasing circulation and sensitivity to sex organs.

These natural remedies for best sex drive are used for centuries and have been proven to improve sexual performance. But, if you still don’t feel aroused enough, you can seek expert help. You could fix an appointment with our online sexologist for sexual disorders. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha to discuss your issues in detail. We currently provide online / tele-video consultation.

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The Role Of A Sexologist To Improve Your Sex Life

Healthy sex life is the pillar of a successful relationship with your partner. Discussion on sexual topics was considered as a taboo in the for over a long time, but now it has changed. People have started discussing their sex life without any hesitation with their partners, friends, and sex specialists. Discussing your sexual problems, if you have any with a sex specialist can always be the best idea. They can help you improve your sex life, consequently helping you build a successful relationship. The stressful lifestyle & no communication often leads to part ways as it affects the sexual intimacy between them. Contacting the best sexologist in Kerala to take care of your sexual issues will ensure that you have a blissful time with your partner. Let us discuss in detail the role of a sexologist to improve your sex life.

best sexologist in Kerala

How can a Sexologist Help?

Sexologists help you to improve and address problems in your sex lives. They also provide advice for everything like libido issues, orgasm problems, and sexless relationships. Usually, sexologist listen to your problems and assess the root cause of it. Moreover, they will advise you with the proper solutions.

You could get a consultation for sexual problems like:

-Erectile dysfunction
-Premature ejaculation
-Low Confidence
-Lack of desire
-Difficulty achieving orgasm, and other difficulties

Why Should You Visit a Sexologist?

A sexologist addresses your concerns about sexual feelings and intimacy, irrespective of your age, gender, or sexual orientation. Men usually feel inferior about their sexual shortcomings. A good male infertility doctor in Kerala can offer effective treatment for your problems. Furthermore, they offer counseling to improve your sexual performance. For instance, a sexologist can advise you for an effective penile enhancement treatment.

Your sexologist can help you to work out coping mechanisms for healthier sex life. During the consultations, you could talk about your current problems, and get proper guidance. Thus, with each session, you will be able to better manage and accept your concerns, in a supportive and educational environment. Book an appointment with our best sexologist doctors in Kerala. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha. Give us a call to discuss your issues in detail. We currently provide online / tele-video consultation.

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How do Sex Positions Help to Last Longer?

It is a fact that women take more time than men to become completely aroused and experience an orgasm. This can be a problem in your sex life. Many men go for sex enhancement pills online but don’t worry, there are solutions. There are certain sex positions for couples that will help men to delay their arousal and last longer in bed. Keep reading to find out.

How do Sex Positions help to Last Longer - Dr Rana's Medical Hall

The Spooning sex position for couples

To achieve this position, both the partners have to lay on their sides, facing the same direction. With the man behind, he can then penetrate gently and enjoy slow rocking motions. As this position has only shallow penetration, the man is much likely to last longer.

The Doggy sex position

If the normal doggy position excites the man too easily, there are some modifications that you can try. Start with the normal doggy position, where the woman stands in her hands and knees with her lover in the kneeling position behind her. Then, the woman can slowly lower her body during the penetration and can lay flat in the stomach. This will reduce the amount of stimulation and helps to last longer.


This a tricky position, but it’s worth it! The man should lay on his side facing the woman, while she is on her back with legs draped over his pelvis, perpendicular to his body. Once you are comfortable in the position, you can start the play. This position works as the man will have limited motion, which will delay his climax.

The Sitting Position SEX POSITION

This is a position you should try for the slow passion! The position involves the man sitting cross-legged with the woman sitting on the top. The woman will wrap arms and legs around him, to control the intimacy while gently enjoying the penetration. This position can offer a long session as it is slow.

If these sex positions for couples are not helping you so much to last longer, you may always go for and ayurvedic medicine for Sexual weakness that is safe and effective and does not have any side effects. Book your appointment for Tele/Video consultation with the best doctors for sexual problems in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha today!

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IS Sex Education Important? What is the Right Age for it?

Good quality sex education is really important for couples, teenagers, and young adults at present.  It will help them make smart decisions regarding sexual health and consent, as the hookup culture is becoming prevalent. Providing them with reliable information to protect themselves and their partners is our responsibility. The happy part is that there are many educational institutions that have made sex education a part of their curriculum to educate students with clear and accurate knowledge. The sad part is that the majority of schools and colleges have not followed suit.

Importance of Sex Education

Sex education covers broad topics like awareness on sexually transmitted infections, abstinence, the importance of respectful relationships, and the and the need for protection from pregnancy as well as infections. But like anything else, the present system of sex education for couples has good and bad sides to it. The good thing is that adolescents will gain accurate education on a crucial topic like sexual health.

The downside is that there is still a shortage of information in the syllabus, which is compensated by many sexual myths. Indeed, This is a bad practice that can affect their sex life. Therefore, following a comprehensive teaching method like authentic sex education by sex therapist Kerala on something as important as sex is very important.

What is the Right Age?

Before talking to children about sex and reproductive health, there are certain things parents should think of. Choosing the right age for it is one of the most important aspects. According to an Unani Sexologist, parents should begin sexual education as early as possible. It should ideally start at an age where children begin to embrace new environments. Start with the basics like teaching them the names of all body parts, what is appropriate, and what is not. You should continue it as they grow up. For more details on the topic, have an online session with the best sexologist doctors in Kerala. We have clinics in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Angamaly, and Alappuzha.

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