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Covid-19 and Children

Covid-19 and children

COVID 19 and children – ARE OUR CHILDREN SAFE? – (Coronavirus) Infections are continuing to soar and they are quickly reaching the most vulnerable. Parents are worried about the health and safety of their children. How can we protect and safeguard our little ones? Here are some precautionary methods that you can be aware and teach your children as well, to prevent from getting infected.

Does COVID-19 affect children?

This is a new virus and we do not know enough yet about how it affects children or pregnant women. However, We know it is possible for people of any age to be infected with the virus, but so far there have been relatively few cases of COVID-19 reported among children. The virus is fatal in rare cases, especially among older people with pre-existing medical conditions.

How to avoid the risk of infection?

You can encourage your child to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by teaching them to do the same things everyone should do to stay healthy. Here are four precautions you and of course, your family can take to avoid infection:
Precaution #1 First and foremost, Wash hands frequently using soap and water or can use alcohol-based hand rub as well. Teach your children to wash hands properly.

What is the best way to wash hands properly?

  • Wet hands with running water
  • Apply enough soap to cover wet hands
  • Scrub all surfaces of the hands – including the back of hands, between fingers and under nails – for at least 20 seconds.
  • Rinse thoroughly with running water
  • Dry hands with a clean cloth or single-use towel

Ask them to Wash hands often, especially before eating; after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing; and going to the bathroom. 

 #2 Secondly, ask them to Cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing. Finally, Dispose of used tissue immediately.

#3 In fact, Avoid your children’s close contact with anyone who has cold or flu-like symptoms.

#4 Seek medical care immediately if you or your child has a fever, cough or difficulty breathing.

How to make your child aware of corona?

As public conversations around coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) increase, obviously, children may worry about themselves, their family, and friends getting ill with COVID-19.

Parents, family members, and also other trusted adults can play an important role in helping children make sense of what they hear in a way that is honest, accurate, and as a result, can minimize anxiety or fear. Of course, Adults should guide the children through conversations and make them understand about COVID-19 and ways they can avoid getting and spreading the disease.

General principles for talking to children

Remain calm and reassuring.

Firstly, Remember that children will react to both what you say and how you say it. They will pick up cues from the conversations you have with them and with others.

Make yourself available to listen and to talk.

Make time to talk. Be sure children know they can come to you when they have questions.

Avoid language that might blame others and lead to stigma.

Remember that viruses can make anyone sick, regardless of a person’s race or ethnicity. So Avoid making assumptions about who might have COVID-19.

Pay attention to what children see or hear on television, radio, or online.

Consider reducing the amount of screen time focused on COVID-19. Too much information on one topic obviously can lead to anxiety.

Provide information that is honest and accurate.

Most importantly, Give children information that is truthful and appropriate for the age and developmental level of the child. Talk to children about how some stories on COVID-19 on the Internet and social media may be based on rumours and inaccurate information.

Teach children everyday actions to reduce the spread of germs.

Remind children to stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing or sick. Remind them to cough or sneeze into a tissue or their elbow, then finally to throw the tissue into the trash. Get children into a handwashing habit. Teach them to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing; going to the bathroom; and before eating or preparing food as well. If soap and water are not available, teach them to use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer should contain at least 60% alcohol. Supervise young children when they use hand sanitizer to prevent swallowing alcohol, especially in schools and childcare facilities.

What should I do if my child has symptoms of COVID-19?

You should seek medical attention immediately. symptoms of COVID-19 like cough or fever can be similar to those of the flu, or the common cold – which are a lot more frequent.

Continue to follow good hand and respiratory hygiene practices like regular handwashing, and keep your child up to date with vaccinations – so that your child is protected against other viruses and bacteria causing diseases as well.

As with other respiratory infections like the flu, seek care early if you or your child are having symptoms, and try to avoid going to public places (workplace, schools, public transport), to prevent it spreading to others.

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Break the chain… Break the Corona!!

Covid -19 Coronavirus … What, why and How!!

What actually is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a very infectious disease which is caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. The first outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. This new virus and disease were unknown before that.

What can be the common symptoms of COVID-19? People may experience:

  • Running nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty in breathing (severe cases)

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 (coronavirus) are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. But in Some cases, patients may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhoea as well

Initially, these symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. However, some infected people don’t develop any symptoms and they don’t feel unwell.

Of course, most people (about 80%) will recover from this disease without any special treatment. But, Around 1 out of every 6 people who get COVID-19 can become seriously ill and develops difficulty breathing.

Understandably, older people, and those with underlying medical problems like high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, are more likely to develop serious illness.

Specifically, people with fever, cough and difficulty breathing should seek medical attention.

Wash your hands frequently

Most importantly clean your hands frequently and thoroughly with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

Why? Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub is absolutely necessary because it kills viruses that may be on your hands as a result can save you from getting infected.

Maintain social distancing

Experts say avoiding close contact or ‘social distancing’ is the key to slowing coronavirus. Firstly, avoid situations where there are crowds and gatherings for decreasing the frequency of interactions and thereby reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus.

First and foremost our ultimate goal is to break the chain of transmission. By social distancing, you can minimize not just the risk to yourself but also the risk from you potentially transmitting to other friends and families in your social circle. Every individual is an opportunity to break that transmission, so of course, it is an important individual obligation and responsibility to ‘keep the distance’.

Most importantly, you should maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Why? When someone coughs or sneezes obviously, they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth. This may contain the virus and If you are very close, you may breathe in the droplets, including the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

Why? Touching different surfaces with hands can pick up viruses. If hands get contaminated, it can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, eventually, the virus can enter your body, infect you and finally, will make you sick.

Practice respiratory hygiene

Practice good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue or handkerchief when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately. Make sure you, and the people around you, are following good respiratory hygiene practices.

Why? Droplets from coughing and sneezing spread virus. By following good respiratory hygiene you protect the people around you from viruses such as cold, flu and COVID-19.

If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early

if you feel unwell and have symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty breathing etc immediately seek medical attention. Strictly follow the directions of your local health authority.

Why? National and local authorities will have the most up to date information on the situation in your area. Immediately Seeking medical help will allow your health care provider to quickly direct you to the right health facility. This will help to protect you and also help to prevent the spread of viruses and other infections as well.

Stay informed and religiously follow all the advice given by your healthcare provider.

It’s equally important to stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19. Follow the advice given by your healthcare providers and authorities on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

Stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19. Follow the advice given by your healthcare providers and authorities on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

Why? Obviously, National and local authorities will have the most up to date information on whether COVID-19 is spreading in your area. They are best placed to advise on what people in your area should be doing to protect themselves.

No need to be panic. Obviously, there’s no need to be panic about the situation if we follow strict government guidelines. Proper hygiene and care can prevent you. Stay informed and Stay Safe!

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Which sex postures suits you well?

Which sex postures suits you well?

The success of Sex is all about getting the right move in the right place. Couples usually try many postures to make their encounters more pleasurable and fun-filled. There will be many successful and failed attempts. It’s better to master one or two sex postures which are comfortable and suits both of you.

Factors to be considered before you try for a new posture. The factors you should remember is your Comfortability, Compatibility and Capability.

Why comfortability matters?

Both partners should be comfortable in that particular posture. In many cases (for instance: missionary position) comfort of woman will be ignored. She might be suffocating in that position. She’s not a couch to lean on or a weight lifting champion to hold you. Please consider that before you get it on. Communication helps you to know whether your partner is comfortable or not.

Did you know the importance of Compatibility with your partner?

  • Compatibility with your partner is needed before you try new postures.
  • You can Always welcome Experiments but You should talk with your partner and understand how it feels for them.
  • How much extra punch does it give?
  • Whether they are enjoying it or not?
  • Is it giving some extra deep penetrating feel than other positions?
  • Do they get a strain or pain?
  • Do you have to do any adjustments in the positions to give a better pleasure for them?
  • Discuss how they want you to perform and how you want it to be?
  • Considering their liking definitely make them compatible with you.

Capability is the key.

Capability for trying a new posture is very crucial here. You need to fit into that position. Stamina, fitness and flexibility matter here. Keep your body fit and flexible. Your mind should be young and energetic and your spirits high.

Don’t you know Porn movie stars are professionals?

Seeing porn videos, Many wishes to do many new things but they fail. Don’t let that make your confidence down. The postures you see there and the way they make it may not suits you. Finding the right postures that suit you both should be the priority.

Do you know the Best Postures for your Sexual disorders?

If you have any sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, erection issues, lack of stamina or any such problems, then you have to be very careful in selection. Educate yourself about the best positions that go well with your problems. Understanding the right postures that suit you will help you with a better performance with confidence.

Do you have any queries or doubts regarding the right postures?

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Man is evolving – Need of a Successful Sexual Life

Man is evolving – NEED OF A SUCCESSFUL SEXUAL LIFE. Technology is at its peak, taller and bigger skyscrapers are everywhere, of course, internet breaks down social, racial and sexual barriers as well. Obviously, Our big world is getting smaller and smaller, anything and everything is at our fingertips and we simply get better because technology has the ability to create a higher standard of living.

But is it always true that more technology has changed some basic instincts of man?

Family is the biggest institution in this world. But are we doing anything out of the box to make the relation with your spouse even more beautiful and memorable? People tend to ignore the need for a good intimacy and quality sexual relationship in martial life. Any sexual problems or disorders are ignored by couples and indeed they continue to suffer for many years without any dilemma. Man is evolving – NEED OF A SUCCESSFUL SEXUAL LIFE

  • Why people hesitate to take timely treatment?
  • Is it because of the stubborn hard-and-fast attitude?
  • Are you Feeling/(Got) Fed-up of treatments and repeated failures?
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  • Furthermore, Do you think it’s not in the cards for you?
  • Obviously, Repeated Sexual failures depend on many reasons: from stress to sexual dysfunctions, to anxiety, to sexual disorders.
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