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Tip 1 Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is of at most importance when it comes to penis health. Like any other body part, your genital area which is enclosed in underwear almost full day, need frequent washing to stop sweat and bacterias from accumulating and making it free from infections and odour. Always keeping it clean, tidy and groomed helps in your sexual wellness as well as overall body health.

How to keep it clean?

The way of cleaning it might seem to be simple, but doing it daily is the bet. Gently wash the penis and groin area at least twice a day with mild soap and water. If not Circumcised then, pull back your foreskin gently and wash underneath.

If you don’t wash underneath of the foreskin correctly, a cheesy-looking substance called smegma, which is a natural lubricant that keeps the penis moist, may begin to gather, then smelling starts, and can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Another major problem with the accumulation of smegma can be the difficulty in pulling your foreskin back. There are many who face such situations because of their laziness or ignorance in proper daily cleaning. Redness and swelling of the head of your penis, called balanitis is another problem with unhygienic penis practice.

Proper hygiene helps to keep the penis and related parts like testicles, groin area, scrotum etc, bacteria-free and odour- free.

Circumcised men should also be careful about cleaning their penis by gently washing the penis and genital areas with mild soap and water at least twice a day.

Tip 2 Penis hygiene after peeing

The penis should be washed properly after peeing. After peeing, Pull back the foreskin gently and clean the penis with water or tissue paper. It helps to wipe out even the last drop of urine, which if unattended may lead to irritations and infections. Make it a habit to wash and wipe the penis after peeing.

Tip 3 Penis health and pubic hair

Pubic hair which develops during puberty in the genitals actually benefits your overall health. But make sure you trim it often. It is a primary requisite for keeping PENIS SKINCARE AND HEALTH intact If not proper grooming is done, sweat and hair can combine to produce a strong unpleasant smell and results in itchiness, irritation and can lead to skin infections. Groom it well, don’t keep it hairy and scary!!


Undoubtedly Penis hygiene plays a major role in your Sexual Life. Keeping your hygiene not only helps you to be neat and clean but also your partner would be thankful and happy for you. Clean and wash the penis before and after, you attempt intercourse.

Make sure to clean the whole sexual part, penis, testicles, groin area, scrotum area, the base of penis and testicles and even the ass area to maintain the sexual health of you as well as your partner.

Oral sex is a vital part of sex but make sure your Sexual areas are neat and clean before and after the encounter to avoid further complications like skin infections in areas near the mouth, sexual areas and other body parts.

Sexually transmitted diseases are another serious side effect that might occur due to unhygienic sexual practices. Ensure you are clean to enjoy sex with confidence.

Penis Health Problems Decoded

Proper Penis skincare and health promote better sexual health and Intimacy. Sexual health of a person determines his performance and vitality. Quality erection is a major factor in Sex. Any issues in erection adversely affect the relationship and normal sexual activities of a person. Erectile Dysfunction curable and affordable treatment can help you to get your power back.

‌Early Ejaculation is a heartbreaking moment for both partners. Get rid of this with our effective premature ejaculation treatment asap is the only way out.

‌Many factors can affect the blood flow to the Penis and thus cause Penis shrinkage and weakness. Many factors like age, over addiction to masturbation, erectile dysfunction etc can be the reasons. Effective penile enhancement treatment can be the best bet to get back your lost size and vigour.

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The path of intimacy… Are you there??

Path of Intimacy – In fact, Healthy Satisfied Physical relationship between partners strengthens the love, companionship and intimacy of that relationship even more. But in many cases, not to mention, unsatisfied physical relationship affects the affection, intimacy and closeness of partners. If unattended and ignored, of course, small problems between the partners grow beyond repair.

 Intimacy is the key to a successful marital life and a happy physical life makes it beautiful and joyful. But is your intimacy growing or dying??.. 

path of intimacy

What is the reason for this? (Path of Intimacy)

Lack of communication between the partners is the main reason here. Partners communicate about all subjects under the sky except physical life. The most important fertilizer of their relationship is unfortunately ignored here. Communication is the, talk and talk…let that be your mantra… 

What to blame?

 ‘Lack of understanding’ is to blame. Try to understand the need of your partner, what makes them happy and aroused, understanding your partner is your right and brings beauty to your life.

 Is there any way out?

 Your Way out from this is by building companionship with your partner. Love your partner with all your heart, then they will value your company above all the other things in this world.

How can one avoid such situations?

 Compatibility of partners helps to avoid this. Include more and more foreplays, do what they like selflessly, ask about their likings, discuss about what and how you like, make it lively and interesting, try new things, be innovative and creative in sex and yes!!.. which is the thumb rule.

What can be the ultimate solution?

 Lack of Intimacy destructs the relationship… Sometimes beyond recall !!.. 

Call in for a meet up with our sexologist to find ways to rebuild your intimacy… Because some things in life cannot be postponed!!!..

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