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What is Ejaculation in men?

TIPS FOR HANDLING PREMATURE EJACULATION – When men are sexually stimulated and reach a certain level of excitement, semen is released through their penis. This is what is called Ejaculation or climax. Not to mention, This gives a sense of sexual satisfaction to man. Best premature ejaculation treatment

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What is Premature Ejaculation (PE)?

As the name implies, it is the condition where a man ejaculates in a premature or early stage of sex. In Premature ejaculation, ejaculation happens sooner than he or his partner wants, during sex. Ejaculation happens before the real satisfaction or orgasm is attained for both partners, As a result of this early ejaculation, both the partners would not be sexually satisfied.

Is Premature ejaculation a common problem in men ?

Premature ejaculation is a common problem among men. Men of all ages would have faced this problem at some stage of their life. However, we can consider it as normal, if it is happening once in a blue moon. But if it repeats occasionally, take it seriously and we have to address it at the earliest.

Effects of Premature Ejaculation in a relationship?

Premature ejaculation (PE) can adversely affect the relationship between partners. In PE, ejaculation happens at an early stage of sex itself, he loses his erection and is not be capable of continuing the play. At this point, his partner is nowhere near a satisfaction level. Obviously, She won’t be able to reach orgasm. Likewise, in man also, even though he ejaculated, it is not the real orgasm. This leads to unsatisfied sexual life for both partners. In the long run, when this unsatisfied sexual life becomes a usual episode, it affects the day to day life and sexual life of both the partners. Moreover, It will create tension and frustration and finally results in relationship problems between them.

What are the reasons for Premature ejaculation?

  • Physical and psychological factors can be the reason.
  • Psychological issues like:
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of confidence
  • Relationship problem between partners. Over expectations about sex
  • History of some sexual repression etc can affect one’s ejaculation time.

Other factors are also equally important. (TIPS FOR HANDLING PREMATURE EJACULATION)

Masturbation: Overdoing of masturbation in the long run, can affect the erection power and ejaculation timing of a person. Many men have an addiction to doing this. On a daily basis, they do masturbation. Worst of all, Some men try this in a very harsh manner. This eventually damages the nerves and tissues there. Thus in future, over masturbation results in PE and ED as well.

Age can affect the ejaculation in some men.

In some men, age can affect his erection and ejaculation power as well. As he gets older he won’t be able to sustain his erection for a very long time. As a result, it affects his erection power and performance and tends to ejaculate soon. However, age is not a direct cause of PE.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be a reason.

In some cases, men who have Erectile dysfunction (ED) face premature ejaculation problem as well. A person with Erectile dysfunction is not able to attain or keep an erection which is firm or strong enough for doing sex. When he ejaculates faster, obviously he will lose his erection and cannot continue the play.

What is your real problem, Premature Ejaculation or Erectile dysfunction?

In some cases, even though he gets an erection, he is unable to sustain the erection for longer. He loses his erection when he ejaculates. Since he ejaculates soon, Many people have confusion in understanding the real problem. He might be having ED, but his ED issues are misinterpreted as premature ejaculation. In such cases, treatment for ED is done first. Hence ED issue is solved, he doesn’t have to worry about PE.

Best Premature Ejaculation TREATMENT (PE)

Proper medication coupled with Behavioral Therapy can save you from PE. Our sexologist will thoroughly study the root cause of your problem and finally decide the proper treatment plan that really works for you.

Treatment for PE with psychological issues

After the consultation, our sexologist guides you the right path for treating your psychological PE issues. As your PE problem is because of some psychological factor, you may have to attend some counselling sessions. In addition to the with counselling, Our sexologist will administer customized herbal medicines for your problems.

Behavioural therapy for your PE:

Behavioural therapy is yet another effective way to abolish PE from your life. By religiously following behavioural therapy along with our safe, effective herbal medicines, you can expect amazing results in your sexual life.

Why Behavioural Therapy?

Behavioural therapy makes a complete makeover in your sexual thoughts and behaviour. Furthermore, it helps a person to change the outlook of sex. Moreover, it helps you to think about new ideas and methods that effectively work for your PE. When you make use of this therapy along with our medication, you will find a big difference in your sexual life that lasts forever.

How to do Behavioural therapy?

Behavioural therapy helps you to train your body to delay ejaculation. You have to follow some techniques to master them. By carefully reading the below-mentioned tips and tricks in doing sex, indeed, you will get a general idea about it. Don’t worry if you have confusion or is stuck up at any points of ‘tips or tricks’. Our sexologist will very well explain each and every point very clearly at the time of treatment.

Tips and tricks for handling premature ejaculation through Behavioural therapy.

First and foremost what you need is the heartful support of your partner. She is the only person who can assist you in this therapy. You need her help in foreplay and whole play as well. Discuss your problem beforehand, take her help and get set!!..

Tip #1: Consistency is key.

The main reason for premature ejaculation is the lack of consistency. Because of premature ejaculation, some men are reluctant to doing sex. Because of the scare about the failures, they turn away from their partners to keep themselves away from lovemaking.

How to bring consistency in love life?

Consistency in love life attains when a person does it repeatedly in spite of failures or problems. A person with premature ejaculation has to try sex at least three times a week. The more you would better be the results.

Tip#2: Foreplay should be the pathway.

A common mistake in a person with premature ejaculation is hurrying. He’s worried whether he would ejaculate soon, and he does things in a hurry and tends to finish it as soon as possible. He spends little or no time for foreplay.

How much time does one need to do foreplay?

The first thing to remember is that there is no maximum limit for foreplay, but the minimum should be at least 30 to 40 minutes of foreplay.

Tips & tricks for Handling Triggers for Premature ejaculation while doing foreplay.

Foreplay time is ultimate, the time when a person gets sexually stimulated. When he engages in foreplay, this stimulation level increases and therefore might be a trigger for ejaculation. So it is important to get away from that trigger to avoid ejaculation.

Follow these steps for doing foreplay: (TIPS FOR HANDLING PREMATURE EJACULATION)
  • A: Start doing the foreplay with your partner. Both the partners should actively take part in foreplay.
  • B: If you get the trigger for ejaculation, immediately stop what you were doing at that time. If that trigger was because of the foreplay done by your partner, ask her to stop that activity.
  • C: Take a break for at least 15 to 20 seconds or Wait until that trigger vanishes.
  • D: You can continue the foreplay Immediately after the trigger disappears.
  • E: Repeat from step A to step E.
  • F: Continue this for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

For some people, some activities trigger more, for instance, oral sex. If you have any such high trigger activities, reduce those activities. Speak to your partner about how you feel and act accordingly.

How your Partner can help in foreplay?

The involvement of your partner plays a very important role in sexual life. With PE, the partner supports is absolutely necessary for foreplay and whole play as well. When the lady partner actively participates in foreplay, the man slowly will become comfortable in doing all the activities like kissing, cuddling, caressing etc. When they actively participate in foreplay, slowly he will become capable to handle his triggers while doing foreplay. If she’s not active, some extra touch or caressing from her usual activities can trigger him and there is a high chance of ejaculation. So it’s very much advisable that both partners should heartfully and actively take part in foreplay. If you take a ratio of foreplay, the activity level of the lady should be at least 40 per cent.

Why you need the help of your partner?

Indeed you need the help of your partner. While doing foreplay, you have to stop the foreplay when you get a trigger to avoid ejaculation. And should restart it, when the trigger disappears. To do this start and stop effectively, you need the complete support of your partner. Similarly, while intercourse also you will be stopping in between when you have that trigger for ejaculation. Therefore you need her full support and help for continuing the play.

Is it a big shame to discuss this with your partner?

If you want to overcome this situation, you need the help of your partner. It’s she who is suffering because of your early ejaculation issues. Don’t you think that is the biggest shame for a man?. So talk to your partner to avoid life long shame.

Tip#3: Position correction.

Are you comfortable with your present sex positions?

Perfect sex postures help to do better sex. If you have any issues with your present position, You should do some correction in your intercourse positions. Find out the position which suits and is comfortable for you and your partner. If your weight is on the higher side, try to avoid missionary position. It gives extra pressure, tension and strain for both. Instead, you can try a TABLETOP position (refer to the below picture) or other strain-free postures which can give you comfort and control.

Handling of PE while you do Intercourse. (TIPS FOR HANDLING PREMATURE EJACULATION)

When you have finished with foreplay and perfect postures, it is the time for intercourse. You should be very careful in handling this process, as it gives more trigger for ejaculation. The main technique we use here is the ENTER AND EXIT technique. This technique helps you to build a tolerance to delay your early ejaculation.

Note these extra tips during this time for handling Premature Ejaculation

Step #A: Handling trigger while entering: First thing to keep in mind is how to avoid or reduce the trigger that is coming while doing intercourse. Intensionally, You should minimise things that increase the trigger. For instance wetness of the partner at that area triggers some men while entering. If so is the case, wipe that wetness before entering. Likewise, you should help yourself to find what triggers you the most and how to get rid of that while doing sex.

Step #B: Immediately after entering: Trigger to ejaculate can immediately start because of the instant sensual feel one gets while entering. As you already have the trigger, and you start stroking at this point, there is a high chance to get hyper anxiety and ejaculate in a matter of seconds. So It is better to avoid any movements immediately after you entered. Keep it standstill until you are comfortable with the entry part.

Step #C: After you are comfortable with entering: After you are comfortable with entering slow motion or controlled movements of strokes are recommended for a person with ejaculation issues. This slow pace helps you to control the trigger for ejaculation.

Step #D: Avoid High threshold stroking. Firstly, If you do Fast stroking heartbeat increase. Secondly, you become hyper. As a result, the chance of trigger increases and may ejaculate soon.

Step #E: During the first treatment phase of premature ejaculation, strokes you do in intercourse should be slow and in a controlled manner. You can do at least 3 or 5 strokes if you have a trigger do ENTRY and EXIT technique. This way you can do at least 15 mins of play. Your timing will surely increase as you progress further.

TIP#4: How to handle a Trigger for ejaculation during intercourse?

Some men get that trigger immediately after entering, or when he starts stroking. If you have triggers, you can try ‘ENTER and EXIT’ technique.

Steps of Enter and Exit technique

  • Step 1: Enter
  • Step.2: If you get a trigger for ejaculation while doing, immediately stop the strokes and take it out.
  • Step 3: Wait for 10 to 30.seconds, or when the trigger goes.
  • Step 4: When you are comfortable to restart, repeat steps 1 to 3.

By proper timing and control in entering and exiting, You can easily repeat these steps for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

How much time you should do the intercourse?

Minimum 10 to 25 minutes of intercourse is advisable for premature cases. With the help of the Enter and Exit technique, you can attain this slowly. You can’t expect to get this timing at the beginning itself. By mastering this technique you’ll be comfortable and can attain this.

How can one master the Enter and exit technique?

First and foremost, what you need is the help and support of your partner. She might be aware of your premature ejaculation issues, in fact, she’s the one who’s suffering the most because of your issues. Discuss openly to your partner about your present condition, the tension you have, need for trying this technique and the help you want from her.

How many times does one need to practice this technique?

Practice makes the performance better. The more you try this technique, the better would be the results. If you take an average of 60 days, minimum 30 plays should have done. Along with Behavioral therapy, customized medication is needed for the correction of PE.

How does our premature ejaculation medicine work for you?

Our 100 % safe, biomedicines works like magic for your premature ejaculation issues. Again, don’t expect overnight results as these medicines are NOT INSTANT MOOD ENHANCERS. When you take our medicines along with the instructions, you can experience amazing results. To start with, you have to take two months medicines and after reviewing your betterment, you’ll be guided with further assistance.

What to expect after 20 days of medicine? (TIPS FOR HANDLING PREMATURE EJACULATION)

Our medicines firstly target your overall sexual wellness. You can experience a noticeable change in your sexual life. Your timing increases. The trigger time reduces. For example, the trigger which you experienced immediately after entering or after 2 or 3 strokes, will be now after many strokes. Again by using the enter and exit technique, you are very soon ready to go. Your stamina increases and libido will be high.

What to expect after 40 days of treatment?

Your medication and dedication will give amazing results in your timing. Your trigger for ejaculation comes down. For example, 10 strokes earlier Increases to 100 strokes. Another noticeable difference is that you can now reduce the use of the ENTER and EXIT technique.

Follow the below steps when you have a trigger
  • Step 1: Stop the strokes
  • Step 2: You don’t have to take it out as before. Keep it inside itself without Exiting.
  • Step.3: Wait for 10 to 30 seconds without any movement.
  • Step 4: When that trigger vanishes, Slowly start stroking.
  • Step 5: Continue stroking until you have a trigger again.
  • If you again have a trigger repeat step 1 to 4.

Problems in sexual life surely hurt but worrying is not the solution. It only magnifies the problem. So take a step forward to eradicate PE from your life. Proper treatment coupled with behavioural therapy can definitely make changes in your sexual life. Yes!! .. Once you hit the right note everything will fall in place.

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         SEX IS THRILLING… Innovations make it chilling…      Perfection makes it filling…

Sex is thrilling. All love enjoying sex with their beloved, Doubtlessly, it’s the time when both boundlessly share their love for each other. However, Many couples complaint about missing the thrill in their sex life. After all, Doing the same things over and over undoubtedly brings down the will and thrill to do sex. But, Innovations can come to the rescue here.

how to bring Innovations to love life?

First and foremost the best way to bring that spark back in sex is knowing the need of your partner. Most importantly, Communicate openly with them. Of course, Discuss your wishes and understand their needs and finally Be Innovative!!.. Make it happen!!..and You will definitely see a positive change in your love life. Read more about Sexual Frustration

Where to bring innovation for making your sex thrilling?

In everywhere!!.. From the very start to the very end. Obviously, Try new foreplay techniques which tickles you both and eventually Go for new postures and methods that give a deeper erotic feel.

Finally… Fun-filled after plays spice you up for another play!!..

Sex is thrilling – Perfection counts!!… How to get your performance perfect?

In fact, Practice makes it perfect, don’t expect it to be picture perfect at the first shot!!.. learn from mistakes and do try it again.. You will master it soon for sure.

But… If you have low stamina or some sexual problem that hinders you to be perfect, then obviously, it needs a correction. Doctoring it helps you to get rid of your imperfections.

Our sexologist assists you to get it always perfect… Happy living ever after!!… Doctoring it helps you to get rid of your imperfections.

What are the problems that affect you while doing sex?

Some men suffer from erection problem, they’re not capable of getting or keeping an erection for long. To summarize, For a man, the quality erection is his weapon. So keep it always sharpened. If premature ejaculation is your problem, it’s surely a headache for you and your partner.

When ejaculation happens, orgasm is not attained for both the partners. If it repeats occasionally, obviously it will create a gap between you two. In short, whatever be your problem, the proper administration of your problem is the need of the hour.

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When Lady have high sex drive than her man?

When Lady have high sex drive than her man?

Woman demanding for lovemaking is always a great deal and pleasure for a man. Indeed, It makes the whole act more erotic, interesting and takes to a different level. But what-if her sex drive is higher than her man!!…

Struggles!!, when your high sex drive lady takes the lead always!!….

Woman with a strong sex drive than her man always tends to take the lead. But If she’s advancing and you’re not sure about how to play your part, then it isn’t going to be good enough. When your lady takes the lead always and you are unable to satisfy her then it is surely a misery to man.

Men’s misery In lovemaking is true :

Are you the man who is struggling or uncomfortable or in distress because you can’t tackle the mood of your lady in bed.?

Some women are always in a mood to do sex. Not to mention, their anytime anywhere willingness and high sex drive is inviting and positive. But if her man is incapable to handle her mood, then it’s the biggest destruction ever, not only to the lady but also to her partner.

When the failures repeat and distress continues obviously you ought to make the right move.

How to correct yourself or to get yourself prepared every time she needs?

When your lady has high or strong sex drive and takes the lead always, you should be aware of the ways to tackle her.
First and foremost, Communication works here!!… Talk to her about her interest and likings, it comes in the first place… you can communicate many things such as

What makes her happy?
How she wants you to perform?
What is her favourite part to make her aroused?
What problem is she facing to reach orgasm?

In fact, Understanding is the key. You should understand your partner’s positives and your negatives as well. Work on those positives and negatives. When you do things concentrating on her positives, it would be easy for her to get the orgasm. In the same manner, When you know your negatives, you can make yourself comfortable by not worrying about it and learn to overcome the mistake you repeat every time.

On the whole, Lovemaking is all about to give and take. When you make love to high sex- drive lady, make sure you give your maximum to her. Make love selflessly and emotionally, you will see her happy and content face for sure.

Furthermore, You should maintain the Build ups in lovemaking. The biggest problem with many people is losing their build-up at some stage of lovemaking. They start good, build up’s will be grand but at some point, everything will be destroyed. Finally, they find it difficult to continue the play and lose the game. First and foremost, One should understand in which part of the play he fails and struggles.

Are you getting panic during the encounters?

Some men get upset or panic seeing the erotic mood and expressions of their sexually charged lady and gets stuck, lose his confidence and are unable to continue the play. Talk to your partner calmly, and do what she likes at that point. Moreover, Don’t think about your chance for failures, or anything that hinders your mood and confidence.

Handle with care!!

When you’re accustomed to your high sex drive partner, gradually you’ll learn the techniques to make her reach orgasm. If you ignore or leave her unattended, ultimately it’ll create an unnecessary gap between you two.

Do you lack sexual wellness?

Lack of sexual wellness mainly results in a lack of confidence. Physical or physiological factors can affect your sexual potential.
For instance, if you have an erection issue, definitely you won’t be able to stay calm and enjoy the play. If there is any sort of sexual disorders, then treat it well and good, at the earliest.

To sum up, you should be prepared to make love to your lady with a high sexual drive with confidence and endurance. Forget those failures, we are there at your service in any event.

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