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Best Sexologist in Makkah Madinah Dhahran

Dr Rana’s Medical Hall, is a UnaniAyurvedic Sexual Health Clinic, established in 1960. Indeed, our sexologist doctors specialized in treating all sex related complications and intimacy issues. Moreover, we treat with 100% herbal, safe and effective traditional medicines, that too, scientifically proved and personalized. Furthermore, our treatment pattern is based on Mind- Body approach to healing Sexual problems. We diagnose and treat the root cause of the Disease and not the symptoms. We, the Best Sexologist in Makkah, Madinah and Dhahran, have happy clientele around the world who is now enjoying a happy Sexual life with their partners.

Best Sexologist of Makkah Madinah Dhahran

Indeed, Distance is No Longer a Barrier in taking Treatment from Our Sexologist.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Are you a man who repeatedly gets loosing the ‘charge’ at the very start of intimacy? Come, visit RMH… We have the remedy and solution, strictly based on 100% safe & natural Unani-Ayurveda System.


Premature Ejaculation

Does your ‘Volcano’ erupt way ahead of your culmination…? RMH is at your rescue with 100% Herbal & effective Unani medicine.

Penile Enhancement treatment

Penile Enhancement

Know the facts & myths about Penile Size and Enhancement from our qualified doctors who can help you with counselling & 100% effective, safe and Herbal Unani treatment.

We also treat for:

100% Effective Venereal diseases treatment

Herpes Best and Safe Treatment

Best herbal treatment for Syphilis

Safe new Herbal medicine for Gonorrhoea

Male Infertility

Ayurvedic Medicine for Leucorrhoea

Nocturnal Emissions

Hijama (Authentic Hijama Cupping Kerala)

Why Dr Rana’s?

60 years of Legacy – Dr Rana’s Since 1960
Authentic & Effective HERBAL Remedy for Men’s SEXUAL disorders
Experienced & Trusted Sexologist Doctors
Body – Mind approach for Sexual Healing
Direct / Chat / Email / Online / Tele / Video – CONSULTATION
English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Urdu – Languages we speak
Best Sexologist of Makkah Madinah Dhahran

We can deliver medicines safely and fastly to all provinces of Saudi Arabia like:

Indeed, we can deliver medicines to the Emirate of the Riyadh Province and the Emirate of the Makkah Province. In fact, to the Emirate of the Eastern Province and the Emirate of the Madinah Province. We can certainly deliver medicines to the Emirate of the Al Baha Province and the Emirate of the Al Jawf Province. Moreover to the Emirate of the Northern Borders Province and the Emirate of the Qassim Province. Furthermore, to the Emirate of the Ha’il Province and the Emirate of the Tabuk Province. Also, we can deliver to the Emirate of the ‘Aseer Province, the Emirate of the Jizan Province and the Emirate of the Najran Province.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment

  • Firstly, Uyayna               
  • Abha    
  • city of Asir
  • Also, Ad-Dilam            
  • Al Artaweeiyah
  • Moreover, Al Bahah             
  • Capital of Al Bahah Province
  • Furthermore, Al Bukayriyah    
  • Al Jafr   
  • Likewise, Al Lith                   
  • Al Majma’ah      
  • Al Mawain                          
  • Similarly, Al Mikhwah                       
  • Al Qunfudhah   
  • Al Wajh
  • Also, Costal city in Tabuk Province

Premature Ejaculation treatment

  • Firstly, Al-‘Ula                  
  • Al-Abwa                              
  • Al-Gwei’iyyah                   
  • Moreover, Al-Hareeq          
  • Al-Khutt                              
  • Al-Mubarraz      
  • Furthermore, Al-Namas           
  • Shehri (Bani Shehr)
  • Also, Amri (Bani Amr) tribes
  • Al-Omran           
  • Al-Huta
  •  Likewise, Al-Rumailah
  • Northern & Southern Al-Omran
  • Similarly, Ghomsi Al-Oyoon
  • Al-Saih   

Ayur Sexual Treatment              

  • Firstly, Ar Rass
  • Al-Qassim
  • Moreover, As Sulayyil                          
  • Az Zaimah                          
  • In fact, Village in Makkah Province
  • Badr      
  • Baljurashi           
  • Indeed, Bareq   
  • Also, Bisha    
  • Likewise, Buq a                    
  • Buraydah            
  • Similarly, Al Qasim Province
  • Dahaban             
  • Also, Dammam    

Penile Enhancement treatment       

  • Firstly, Main seaport on Arabian Gulf
  • capital of Eastern Province
  • Moreover, Dawadmi                            
  • Dhahran              
  • Furthermore, Dhurma                               
  • Diriyah                 
  • Also, Capital of the First Saudi State
  • Duba                    
  • Likewise, Dumat Al-Jandal                              
  • Farasan               
  • Gatgat                 
  • Similarly, Gerrha                 
  • Ghawiyah           
  •  In fact, Village in Jizan Province
  • Ha’il       
  • Indeed, Capital of Ha’il Province
  • Habaala                               
  • Also, Hafr Al-Batin     
  • Largest city in the northeast of Saudi Arabia
  • Hajrah                  
  • Moreover, Haql                      
  • Harmah               
  • Furthermore, Hautat Sudair                    
  • Also, Capital of Sudair
  • Hofuf   
  • Eastern Province
  • Hotat Bani Tamim           
  • Huraymila                           
  • Moreover, Jabal Umm al Ru’us                        
  • Jalajil                    
  • Jeddah
  • Furthermore, Second largest city, main seaport on Red Sea

Venereal Treatments

  • Firstly, Aso, Jizan Economic City                        
  • Jubail    
  • Likewise, Home to the Middle East’s largest and world’s 4th largest petrochemical company.
  • Khafji   
  • Khamis Mushait
  • Asir region.
  • Similarly, Khaybar                              
  • Khobar
  • King Abdullah
  • Also, Economic City   
  • Knowledge Economic City
  • Surely, Medina                          Also, Layla   
  • Lihyan                  
  • Mastoorah                         
  • Moreover, Mecca                  
  • Holiest city of Islam
  • Furthermore, capital of Makkah Province
  • Medina
  • capital of Al Madinah Province
  • Also, Muzahmiyya     
  • Najran 
  • Umluj                   
  • Unaizah
  • Al-Qassim Province
  • Uqair                    
  • Uyun AlJiwa       
  • Wadi Al-Dawasir
  • Town in Najd
  • Yanbu  
  • Red Sea port i
  • Al Madinah Province
  • Zulfi
  • Jizan     
  • In fact, Capital of Jizan Province

Best Sexologist in Riyadh Jeddah Dammam

  • Firstly, Capital of Najran Province
  • Secondly, Qadeimah                          
  • Thirdly, Qaisumah           
  • Also, Qatif     
  • Eastern Province
  • Qurayyat            
  • Moreover, Al Jawf Province
  • Rabigh                 
  • Rafha                   
  • Furthermore, Northern Border Province
  • Ras Tanura         
  • Eastern Province
  • Likewise, Riyadh 
  • capital of Al Riyadh Province
  • Similarly, capital of the Second Saudi State
  • Riyadh Al-Khabra            
  • Rumailah
  • Surely, Al-Hasa
  • Sabt Al Alaya                     
  • Safwa city                           
  • Saihat
  • Sakakah              
  • Al Jawf Province
  • Sarat Abidah                     
  • Shaqraa                               
  • Sharurah             
  • Shaybah                              
  • certainly, Tabarjal               
  • Tabuk
  • Capital of Tabuk Province
  • Taif        
  • Tanomah
  • Tarout  
  • Tayma                  
  • Thadiq                 
  • Thuqbah                             
  • Thuwal                
  • Turaif                   
  • Udhailiyah                          
  • Um Al-Sahek                     

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