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Best Sexologist Doctor in Kuwait

Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall, the pioneers in the efficacious treatment of sexual disorders, with a long, illustrious career of more than 60 years, we assure you the best and reliable treatment, based on holistic and safe age old Indian Herbal Ayurveda medicines, clubbed with scientific, clinical expertise and precision in the treatment pattern. Dr Althaf Ibrahim Rana, the best Sexologist Doctor in Kuwait, Jahra and El Ahmadi is a combination of skill, empathy, technical know-how and execution, along with mastery of HIjama. Regarding the best sexologists of our times. Dr Altaf is a master in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, Penile Enhancement, Premature Ejaculation, STD etc. 

Our Specialty Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction

Are you a man who repeatedly gets loosing the ‘charge’ at the very start of intimacy? Come, visit RMH… We have the remedy and solution, strictly based on 100% safe & natural Unani-Ayurveda System.


Premature Ejaculation

Does your ‘Volcano’ erupt way ahead of your culmination…? RMH is at your rescue with 100% Herbal & effective Unani medicine.

Penile Enhancement treatment

Penile Enhancement

Know the facts & myths about Penile Size and Enhancement from our qualified doctors who can help you with counselling & 100% effective, safe and Herbal Unani treatment.

We also treat for:

100% Effective Venereal diseases treatment

Herpes Best and Safe Treatment

Best herbal treatment for Syphilis

Safe new Herbal medicine for Gonorrhoea

Male Infertility

Ayurvedic Medicine for Leucorrhoea

Nocturnal Emissions

Hijama (Authentic Hijama Cupping Kerala)

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  • Direct consultationWe are open for direct consultation at locations Ernakulam / Kochi, Kottayam, Thrissur and Alappuzha.
  • Free Online consultation: Click and Fill in the form to avail a FREE consultation. After studying your health case, our sex consultant will revert.

Indeed, the best and fast way to attain our services for your sex-related issues and worries is TELE call or video call. Fix an appointment to get a convenient time. You can also locate as in these locations.

sexologist of Saudi Arabia


Why Dr Rana’s?

60 years of Legacy – Dr Rana’s Since 1960
Authentic & Effective HERBAL Remedy for Men’s SEXUAL disorders
Experienced & Trusted Sexologist Doctors
Body – Mind approach for Sexual Healing
Direct / Chat / Email / Online / Tele / Video – CONSULTATION
English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Urdu – Languages we speak

Mind and Body approach for Ultimate Sexual Healing

Our unique treatment pattern, Mind and Body approach, helps to get back your Sexual power on track. Men of all age groups have Sexual issues, including youngsters. Physical and psychological reasons can be the reason for sexual disorders. In fact, a man who faces sexual issues and worries for a long time will have frustration and disappointment, not only in sexual life, but, in everyday life. Nevertheless to mention that his confidence and self-esteem are in vain. Thus, even though his issue started due to some abnormal physical conditions, his mental health conditions will be affected in no time. Obviously the need of body – mind approach treatment is quite clear here. Similarly, if the issue is due to some mental impacts, you need a treatment which effectively handles mind and body at the same time.

Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall -The Ultimate Cure for Sexual Disorders

Another major factor, you should consider, while taking treatment for sexual disorders is the safety of the medicines.
In fact, just by taking some medicine like Viagra or Viagra spray is not the permanent remedy. It only covers your issues for the time being, that too, with immense side effects.
What you really focus should be long term cure, forever.
Ayurvedic treatment is the best and safest way of treatment for your sex related complications. Indeed, choosing herbal remedies is more acceptable, as it focuses on your long-term care.

Therefore, we whole heartedly welcome the sexually distressed patients to this cult home of Unani Ayurveda treatment vouching you to relieve the sexual worries and lift you to the abode of happiness and rejuvenation.


Best Sexologist Doctor in Kuwait – أفضل علاج تكبير القضيب في الكويت

عالم جنسي في الكويت Penile Enhancement treatment

  • The Capital Governorate (Arabic: العاصمة‎, romanized: al-ʿĀṣima Gulf Arabic: il-ʿĀṣma‎) comprises the core areas of Kuwait City and several offshore islands, among them Failaka Island.
  • Abdulla Al-Salem              ضاحية عبد الله السالم
  • Ð̣āḥyat ʿAbdalla is-Sālim ið̣-Ð̣āḥya ‘the suburb’.
  • Adailiya العديلية   li-ʿDēlīya              
  • Bnaid Al-Qar       بنيد القار Bnēd il-Gār                         
  • Daʿiya    الدعية      id-Diʿīya               
  • Dasma  الدسمة    id-Dasma            
  • Doha     الدوحة    id-Dōḥa               
  • Qatari Capital
  • Doha Port            ميناء الدوحة           
  • Mina id-Dōḥa                                    
  • Faiha’    الفيحاء    il-Fēḥa  Failaka  فيلكا        Fēliča                                    
  • Ghornata             غرناطة   
  • Ġirnāṭa                
  • Jaber Al-Ahmad City       
  • مدينة جابر الأحمد  (Madīnat) Jābir il-Aḥmad                              
  • Jibla       جِبْلَة
  • Kaifan   كيفان      Kēfān                   

علاج سرعة القذف في الكويت Premature Ejaculation Treatment

  • Khaldiyaالخالدية il-Xāldīya             
  • Mansūriya           المنصورية               il-Manṣūrīya
  • the oldest sports clubs in Kuwait.
  • Mirgab  المرقاب                                  
  • Nahdha النهضة    in-Nahð̣a
  • East Sulaibikhat
  • North West Sulaibikhat  شمال غرب الصليبيخات        
  • Šamāl Ġarb li-Ṣlēbixāt                   
  • Nuzha   النزهة      in-Nizha              
  • Qadsiya القادسية  il-Qādsīya           
  • Qurtuba               قرطبة      Qurṭuba              
  • Rawda  الروضة    ir-Rōð̣a
  • Shamiya               الشامية    iš-Šāmīya             Sharq    شرق‎
  • Shuwaikh            الشويخ   li-Šwēx
  • Shuwaikh Industrial Area
  •  Husainiyas in Kuwait.
  • Salam    سلام       
  • Salmiya السالمية 
  • Salwa    سلوى     
  • Sha’ab   الشعب   
  • Shuhada              الشهداء  
  • Mubarak Al-Jabir              مبارك الجابر                          
  • Nigra     النقرة                      

علاج ضعف الانتصاب في الكويت Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

  • الشويخ الصناعية    li-Šwēx iṣ-Ṣināʿīya                                            
  • Shuwaikh Port   ميناء الشويخ          Mina li-Šwēx                     
  • Sulaibikhat          الصليبخات             li-Ṣlēbixāt           
  • Surra     السرة        is-Sirra 
  • Umm an Namil Island     جزيرة ام النمل
  •  (Jazīrat) Umm in-Namil                                
  • Yarmouk              اليرموك    il-YarmūkHawalli Governorate
  • Areas of Hawalli Governorate
  • Anjafa   أنجفة     
  • Anjafa beach
  • Bayān    بيان
  • Bayan Palace
  • Bi’da      البدع
  • Hawally حولي      
  • Hittin     حطين     
  • Jabriya  الجابرية  
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital, Hadi Hospital, and Royale Hayat Hospital, as well as many embassies, the Blood Bank of Kuwait and Health Sciences Campus of Kuwait University.
  • Maidan Hawalli ميدان حولي                            
  • Mishrif  مشرف    
  • Rumaithiya         الرميثية

قاعة الدكتورة رنا الطبية لجميع الاضطرابات الجنسية

  • Siddiq    الصديق  
  • South Surra         جنوب السرة                            
  • Zahra     الزهراء    
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate
  • The Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate (Arabic: مبارك الكبير‎, romanized: Mubārak al-Kabīr Gulf Arabic: Mbārak il-kabīir‎) is the governorate most recently established. It is named after Mubarak the Great.
  • Areas of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate
  • Abu Al Hasaniya                أبو الحصانية          
  • Abu Futaira         أبو فطيرة                
  • Adān     العدان     
  • Al Qurain             القرين     
  • Al-Qusour           القصور   
  • Fintās    الفنطاس                 
  • Funaitīs الفنيطيس
  • Misīla    المسيلة
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer         مبارك الكبير            
  • Sabah Al-Salem صباح السالم                           
  • Sabhān صبحان
  • South Wista        جنوب وسطي                         
  • Wista     وسطي    
  • Ahmadi Governorate
  • Areas of Ahmadi Governorate
  • Abu Halifa            أبو حليفة
  • Abdullah Port    ميناء عبد الله
  • Ahmadi الأحمدي 
  • Ali As-Salim        علي صباح السالم   
  • Aqila      العقيلة    
  • Bar Al Ahmadi   بر الأحمدي      
  •       Ashbelya             اشبيلية    Dhajeej الضجيج 
  • Farwaniya           الفروانية                 

علاج القدرة على التحمل الجنسي

  • Desert area of Al Ahmadi.
  • Bneidar بنيدر                       
  • Dhaher بر الأحمدي             Fahaheel             الفحيحيل               
  • Fahad Al-Ahmad              فهد الأحمد              Hadiya  هدية       Jaber Al-Ali          جابر العليJawaher Al Wafra             جواخير الوفرة                               
  • Jilei’a     الجليعة                  
  • Khairan الخيران
  • Mahbula              المهبولة   Mangaf المنقف    Miqwa’ المقوع    
  • New Khairan City              مدينة الخيران الجديدة           
  • New Wafra         الوفرة الجديدة        
  • Nuwaiseeb         النويصيب                
  • Riqqa     الرقة
  • Sabah Al-Ahmad City      مدينة صباح الأحمد
  • Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City               مدينة صباح الأحمد البحرية   
  • Sabahiya              الصباحية
  • Shu’aiba (North & South)              الشعيبة  
  • South Sabahiya جنوب الصباحية    
  • Wafra    الوفرة      
  • Zoor       الزور       
  • Zuhar    الظهر                      
  • Farwaniya Governorate
  • Areas of Farwaniya Governorate
  • Abdullah Al-Mubarak     عبدالله المبارك        West Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh.
  • Airport District   منطقة المطار         
  • Andalous             الأندلس   Ardiya   العارضية 
  • Ardiya Herafiya العارضية حرفية                    

علاج الأمراض التناسلية

  • Fordous               الفردوس  Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh           جليب الشيوخ
  • Khaitan خيطان    
  • Omariya               العمرية    Rabiya   الرابية     
  • Rai          الري        
  • Al-Riggae             الرقعي      
  • Rihab     الرحاب   
  • Sabah Al-Nasser               صباح الناصر           
  • Sabaq Al Hajan  سباق الهجن           
  • Jahra Governorate
  • Areas of Jahra Governorate
  • Abdali   العبدلي     Al Nahda / East Sulaibikhat
  •                 النهضة / شرق الصليبخات     
  • Amghara              أمغرة
  • Bar Jahra              بر الجهراء
  •                 Desert area of Jahra.
  • Jahra     الجهراء   
  • Jahra Industrial Area
  •                 الجهراء المنطقة الصناعيةKabad          كبد
  • Naeem النعيم
  • Nasseem             النسيم
  • Oyoun  العيون     
  • Qasr       القصر     
  • Saad Al Abdullah City      مدينة سعد العبدالله
  • Salmi     السالمي
  • Sikrab    السكراب
  • South Doha / Qairawān جنوب الدوحة / القيروان        Subiya   الصبية                    
  • Sulaibiya              الصليبيةSulaibiya Agricultural Area              الصليبية المنطقة الزراعية      
  • Taima    تيماء        Waha
  • Ardiya Industrial Area    العارضية المنطقة الصناعية   
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